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Divorce Lawyer Roswell, GA

Divorce can be a painful surprise in the challenging world of marriage. When faced with this life-changing event, it’s easy to feel alone. When you add children to the mix, a separation can be a serious cause for concern. 

However, when you hire a professional, reliable, and experienced divorce lawyer in Roswell, GA, you can rest assured that there’s someone in your corner. 

At The Millard Law Firm, we understand how heartbreaking and contentious a divorce can be, so we aim to provide a high level of care and support to get you through the process as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 

Call us today to find expert guidance through the complexities of divorce proceedings. 

How We Can Help

While some divorces are completed quickly and without much hassle, others can become matters of conflict. Determining who will get what and how the issue of child custody will be handled often takes many cases to court. 

We aim to help you handle your divorce as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. We will provide aggressive legal representation to ensure your rights are always protected. To assist you through the process, we offer the following services:

Expert Legal Guidance

When approaching a divorce, it’s essential to understand what the law says. A divorce lawyer will ensure you know how the process works and what to expect so that you are not surprised. 

We will also take stock of your assets, liabilities, and child custody requirements to determine the best way forward.

Preparation of the Relevant Documentation

Having a legal representative draw up your paperwork is essential to ensure it is in keeping with the relevant local and state laws. You can count on us to get the job done if you need help with petitions, disclosures, motions, or other legal documents. 

Expert Negotiations

Property division, child custody, business dealings, and more can lead to much contention during a divorce. Our attorneys are expert negotiators and will help to ensure that a decision is reached that meets the needs of all parties involved. 

Mediation When Disagreements Arise

Couples may sometimes select mediation as a more amicable means to address their disagreements. Attorneys can aid clients during mediation sessions by offering legal advice and protecting their client’s interests.

Spousal Support

In some cases, a spouse may be eligible for spousal support. We work to ensure that you are aware of this and that your right to these benefits is enforced. Our team will also help you determine the appropriate amount you are entitled to and the duration you should receive it.

Assistance with Post-divorce Issues

Sadly, issues arise after a divorce has been finalized. In such cases, we will assist by ensuring that court orders are followed, and modifications to legal documents are handled per the law. 

Whatever your needs or situation, you can count on us to guide you through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can finally move on with your life.

Get the Advice and Legal Support You Need

When you choose The Millard Law Firm to handle your divorce, you can count on our many years of experience to guide you. We understand how sensitive divorces can be, so we aim to offer personalized services with empathy and care. 

If you want to learn more about our comprehensive list of services, please contact us, and we will gladly answer your questions. 

Specialized Legal Team
Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Family Law Attorney Roswell, GA

No family is perfect. We all struggle with problems from time to time. However, when these issues have legal repercussions, you can rest assured that help and support are available from an attorney in Roswell, GA, who understands the complexity of family law. 

As a trusted and experienced legal team, The Millard Law Firm has been helping clients navigate the complexities of family law for many years. We offer personalized services and will stop at nothing to protect your legal rights. 

To learn more or schedule a consultation with a family law attorney in Roswell, GA, contact us at (678) 319-9500.

What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

Family law encompasses a wide range of matters, including prenuptial agreements, finalizing divorces, and pursuing child support. A family law attorney is there to provide legal aid, helping their clients navigate the law and ensuring that their rights are protected. 

We can also assist with the adoption process and will offer sound legal advice to ensure that you are making decisions that are best for you and your family, decisions that you won’t regret later on.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney in Roswell, GA?

Having a legal representative on your side can be a vital step in resolving family matters. It ensures that the needs of any children involved are taken seriously and that your legal rights are always upheld. 

It’s also an excellent way to ensure that you are taken seriously. Lawyers are well-versed in family law and can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system to reach an outcome that will work best. 

Our Services

The Millard Law Firm offers many services, which include the following: 

Guidance Through Divorce and Separation

A divorce can be taxing on your mental and physical health. Fortunately, you can lighten the load by hiring one of our experienced legal attorneys. We will ensure that issues are resolved fairly and that your rights and needs are not neglected. 

Assistance with Child Custody Matters

Being mindful of the children involved is paramount when dealing with a divorce. As experienced legal attorneys, we understand the effect a divorce can have on a child’s life, which is why we will always provide advice with the well-being of your child or children in mind. 

We will also help you pursue child support and promote solutions that work best for all the parties involved. 

Help Navigating the Adoption Process

If you have decided that you would like to add to your family by means of adoption, you can turn to The Millard Law Firm for expert guidance. From eligibility assessments to representing you in court, we will support you every step of the way. 

Protecting Your Best Interests with Pre- and Post-nuptial Agreements

Sadly, marriage isn’t always forever, and if you need to protect your wealth, we can help with pre-and post-nuptial agreements. Having these agreements in place ensures that you have security and clarity in the event that something goes wrong.  

Whether you require assistance drawing up paperwork or handling the affair in court, you can rest assured that we will provide personalized services designed to help you resolve your issue in the best way possible. 

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Consultation with a Family Law Attorney in Roswell, GA!

When things turn ugly, and you feel overwhelmed, know you can turn to us to ensure that people take you seriously. We will also offer sound legal advice to help guide your decisions. To learn more about our services or obtain counsel from an experienced lawyer in Roswell, contact The Millard Law Firm today!

Specialized Legal Team

Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Divorce Mediation Lawyer Milton, GA

Going through a divorce is a challenging time, and mediation might be the best solution. Many counties in Georgia use the Alternative Dispute Resolution program, which allows divorces without seeing a judge or going to court.

Couples will address their concerns, including property division, debts, alimony, child custody, and child support. However, they won’t have to go to court and will use the best divorce mediation lawyer Milton, GA, offers.

In most cases, a mediation attorney is beneficial. They’ll organize all the legal documents and ensure you use the law to your advantage. No one wants to deal with an unfair arrangement, and that won’t happen with The Millard Law Firm on your side.

Are you looking for a divorce mediation lawyer in Milton, GA? The Millard Law Firm can assist. Please call (678) 319-9500 to request a consultation today!

Private and Court-referred Mediation

Through divorce mediation, both parties have a chance to address whatever issues they face. While you’re not required to agree on anything, if possible, it’s best to do so to save money and time. Mediation is where you decide on asset division, alimony, child support, debts, child custody, and much more.

Our experienced attorneys can help you and your spouse reach an agreement that will satisfy both parties. The goal is to work efficiently and smoothly so that no hard feelings are left over.

Mediation happens in these two ways:

  • Court-referred Mediation – When you file for divorce and go to court, the judge could suggest mediation. You’ll have a legally-binding contract if you agree to the terms laid out before you and sign the agreement. Then, the court will enforce the agreement so neither party can violate the contract.
  • Private Mediation – With private mediation, you’ll work with a private mediator and pay them to resolve the dispute before going to court. If you and your spouse agree, you’ll both sign the document and make it legally binding.

Most couples hire a divorce mediation lawyer in Milton, GA, to help them reach an agreement without going to court. Mediation is a wise route to go if you want to save money and reduce stress.

Time Frames for Divorce Mediation

Typically, court divorce cases get finalized within 12 to 18 months, which is a long time. However, mediation could speed things up, so you’ll finish the paperwork in three months.

If a judge approves your mediation agreement, it will be finalized in roughly 30 days. Both parties are allowed to modify the contract if they wish, but if the agreement remains, the divorce moves to the nisi period, which is 120 days without contesting.

The nisi period gives the couple time to think about things. If no one objects after that time frame, the divorce is finalized.

Why Hire a Divorce Mediation Lawyer Milton, GA

Mediation may seem straightforward, but it can get messy without experienced legal representation.

A divorce mediation lawyer knows what to do and walks you through the process. Hiring the right lawyer can protect you from making poor decisions affecting the agreement. The goal is for you to get the best possible outcome because the contract could affect your life long-term.

Choose the Millard Law Firm

Divorce can be scary for many people, but it’s a little easier when you work with a divorce mediation lawyer. Milton, GA, residents won’t be alone and will have someone available who understands the law. 

The Millard Law Firm can help you; our team is here to assist. Please schedule your consultation today by calling (678) 319-9500.

Specialized Legal Team
Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Adoption Lawyer Milton, GA

The Millard Law Firm helps facilitate adoptions in Milton, GA, focusing on these options:

Georgia offers various adoption types, and it’s crucial to have the top adoption lawyer Milton, GA, offers.

Your Protection Through the Adoption Process

Adopting a child can be your life’s most selfless and satisfying act. It’s the first chapter of a kid’s new life, and becoming their parent is exciting.

Often, adoptive parents worry about the birth parents consenting to the adoption, but other issues could arise too. For example, will the birth parents want ongoing contact with the child after the adoption is finalized? Here are a few other complex legal problems you may encounter:

Concerns are reasonable and something to consider if you have any of the worries listed above or others. The legal adoption process can be challenging, but it’s still a happy event in your and the child’s life. Hire an adoption lawyer in Milton, GA, for protection through the adoption process. The Millard Law Firm can assist by lessening your anxiety and stress, walking you through everything step by step.

You’ll get the emotional and legal support required to extend your family legally.

How Georgia Adoptions Work

There’s more than one way to file for adoption in Georgia. Typically, the time frame varies based on the case facts, the court system, and the adoption agency. It usually takes months to complete, though it might be longer. Here are the available options:

  • Private Adoptions – When a child is adopted by stepparents, family members, or other relatives, they might not be required to go through the foster system. Private adoption processes are still time-consuming and challenging, so having a lawyer present is extremely helpful.
  • Adoption Agencies – The Department of Human Services in Georgia, specifically the Office of Residential Childcare, will issue licenses to adoption agencies in the state. Currently, more than 100 agencies in Georgia help children connect with adoptive families. Though the agency will assist adoptive parents, an attorney is still a great idea.
  • DFACS (Division of Family & Children Services) in Georgia – Most families use DFACS to handle adoptions. It has an extensive system in place and will train prospective families using the Adoption Preparation Program. Then, kids are placed with adoptive parents or put in foster care.
Georgia Eligibility Requirements for Adoption

If you wish to adopt a child, the criteria you must meet includes:

  • Be at least 25 years old or married to someone at least 25 years old.
  • Be a resident of Georgia.
  • Be ten or more years older than the child in question.
  • Be mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally ready to handle full-time custody of a child.

Are You Ready to Adopt? Contact The Millard Law Firm Today!

Deciding to become an adoptive parent makes you selfless. You’re opening your heart and home to a child in need, and this is a special moment. However, since the legal system can be confusing, working with an adoption lawyer in Milton, GA, is wise. The Millard Law Firm is here to assist and answer your questions!

If you’re ready to begin the process, schedule your consultation with one of our lawyers today. We’ll discover your needs and determine how we can help you. Please call (678) 319-9500 to get started!

Specialized Legal Team

Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Child Support Lawyer Milton, GA

Are you going through a divorce right now? You may have concerns about paying child support or receiving it. Child support is a percentage of the parent’s income and focuses on the expenses that relate to the child. 

In most cases, people need clarification about how much child support they should pay, and the law becomes involved. Therefore, it’s wise to talk to the best child support lawyer Milton, GA, offers. The Millard Law Firm is here to help and will ensure you’re not taken advantage of and receive or pay a fair amount.

Please call (678) 319-9500 to schedule an initial consultation. Our team is happy to talk to you and determine if you have a case for child support, modifications, and more. Alternatively, you may use the contact form to get in touch!

Calculating Child Support

The Georgia courts consider many things when calculating child support payments. Here are the factors they might focus on:

Judges in Georgia use a worksheet to help them determine the amount of child support given. Therefore, having a competent and experienced child support lawyer in Milton, GA, is crucial. They will represent your best interests and are familiar with the court system.

Visitation and Child Support Modifications

It’s possible to modify the amount of child support if the expense to care for the child has increased. Likewise, the opposing spouse might be required to pay more if they get a better job. We are here to help if you feel you pay too much or cannot support your children on the allotted amount. It’s possible to recalculate your payments!

Changes Relating to Modifications

Georgia law allows parents to file a child support modification claim once every two years or whenever a significant change in their circumstances occurs. This includes job loss, an income increase through a promotion or raise, and more. Likewise, reductions are possible if you’ve suffered a job loss or injury that wasn’t your fault.

You have the right to request an expedited hearing! We can help you get this and ensure that your child support payments don’t accrue from the date you file. 

What’s the Attorney’s Role in Child Support?

Child support is often complex and influenced by many things. Hiring a child support lawyer in Milton, GA, will help you understand the state laws for child support and identify the circumstances and issues that a court might use to determine its final judgment.

In most cases, the spouse who doesn’t live with the children after the divorce (non-custodial parent) will be responsible for child support payments. The Georgia court system primarily uses gross income to determine how much that will be, though adjustments can be made based on specific circumstances.

How Long Will Child Support Be in Effect?

Generally, the child support order stays in effect until the child reaches adulthood or gets married. Usually, no changes are made, but there are options for modification, which you learned about earlier.

Do You Have to Go to Court?

Couples getting divorced often go to court for those proceedings and child support. However, they can make arrangements without legal representation through separation agreements, post-nuptials, and pre-nuptials.

Why Choose The Millard Law Firm

Dealing with child support issues is confusing and complicated. It’s generally wise to hire a child support lawyer in Milton, GA, to ensure that things are fair for both parties. Please call (678) 319-9500 or complete the online contact form to request a consultation today!

Further Information

Child support is typically calculated by a percentage of both parties’ incomes and other expenses related to the children. If you are currently going through a divorce and have concerns about receiving or paying the correct amount of child support, give us a call. Our Child support attorneys have helped many Johns Creek residents receive a suitable amount of child support. 

Child support payments can be arranged by a mutual agreement between the parents however, we advise anyone going through a divorce, legitimation or modification of child support to consider determining child support payments with the help of any attorney


Child support is calculated differently in every state.  In Georgia, a number of factors are taken into account when determining the amount of child support that is in the best interest of the child. 


The following points are all factors that allow the judge to determine child support payments:


  •  If a child has excessive medical expenses
  • Income of both parents who will have parenting time with the child or children 
  • The cost of health insurance and work related day care expenses

Georgia uses the income share method to calculate basic child support. With this model, the court looks at the financial situation of both parents. 

Under the income share model, the Georgia courts use economic data to estimate the monthly cost of raising children prior to divorce. The non-custodial parent will pay a percentage of the calculated cost that is based on their proportional share of both parents’ combined income. 

Calculating the income or financial situation of the parents can be a daunting task, especially if one or both parents are self-employed or have business interests. In some child support cases custodial parent(s) may request the use of a forensic accountant to uncover any hidden income or calculate income based on expenses of the other party.

The gross income of both parents shall include income of any source, before taxes and deductions, and includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Salaries
  • Commission, fees and tips 
  • Overtime
  • Income self-employment
  • Bonuses
  • Interest and dividend income 
  • Disability or retirement benefits
  • Alimony
  • Unemployment insurance benefits
  • Workers compensation benefits
  • Assets 
  • Other income 

It is important to have an experienced and competent child support attorney by your side that is familiar with child support calculations. 

Child support cases can get quite complex, depending on the gross income of the parents, whether a parent is self employed and other various factors stated above. If you have any doubts about your child support case, contact us. We will fight for you.

Modifications to child support can be made if there has been an increase in expenses concerning the child or if the opposing parent has had an increase in income since the child support payment was last determined by the Georgia courts. If you are struggling to support your children or feel that you are paying too much, reach out to us and we will help you recalculate your child support payment.

Georgia law allows a party to file a modification of child support once every two years or when there is a significant change in circumstances. A significant change in circumstances can include a loss of a job or other income or a significant increase in income through a raise or promotion. If you are paying child support and have suffered a job loss, you may petition the court for a reduction in child support.


You may also ask for an expedited hearing. Unless you request an expedited hearing, you may have to wait months to obtain an order reducing your child support.

You may file a modification of child custody if:

  • One parent wants to move out of state or a distance that makes it impractical to follow the current parenting plan
  • A parent’s new significant other is causing harm to your child or children 
  • If a change in jobs allows the non-custodial parent to spend more time with the child. 
  • If a child over 14 makes an election to spend more time with the non-custodial parent

One reason to request a modification of custody is simply because one of the parents plans to move far enough away from the other parent to make the current parenting plan impractical. In Georgia, there is no law that prohibits one of the parents from moving out of state if they wish to retain custody of their children. Although a Court cannot prevent a parent from moving , a Court is allowed to Order the children stay in Georgia or custody change to the other parent.Just like with child custody, the Georgia courts determine what is in the best interest of the child. If you or the other parent are choosing to move out of state , the courts will evaluate the situation and determine what is in the best interest of the child.

When it comes to visitation and custody modification you should always consult an attorney to help guide you through the process. Our firm has helped many Johns Creek residents modify their custody and visitation rights. Contact us for more information on custody and visitation modification.

Specialized Legal Team

Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Divorce Lawyer Milton, GA

Most people feel devastated while they go through a divorce. There’s the emotional burden of handling the proceedings, but the cases generally come with financial expenses that will put pressure on both parties. Anger, sadness, and other emotions often come into play, which can cause problems in the courtroom.


Divorce cases could take months or years to resolve without legal assistance. Georgia law has set guidelines for everyone to follow when a marriage ends. Therefore, you want to protect your rights during the process, which means hiring the top divorce lawyer in Milton, GA.

The Millard Law Firm is here to assist people through divorce because the legal process can be daunting and confusing. We aim to help clients make smart decisions about alimony, assets, and custody concerns. You aren’t alone; we’re here for you!

Please call (678) 319-9500 or use the online form to schedule your consultation with a reputable divorce lawyer in Milton, GA. You’ll gain peace of mind with someone on your side!

Why Is Divorce Complicated?

Divorce is complicated because it involves emotions. When you’re emotional, you don’t reason well. Likewise, you might feel tense, especially if you have been married for many decades.

Though the emotional burden is onerous, you’re also dealing with the legal process Georgia law requires to divorce your spouse. This includes child support and custody determinations and the division of assets. 

Sometimes, the couple had previous agreements in place for such a situation. This often simplifies the process, but things change and evolve with time, so that’s not always true.

What’s Involved in Divorce Law in Milton, GA?

There are countless things to consider when you file for divorce, and these four areas are the primary ones:

Typically, it’s a little more straightforward when you and your partner have no children together, but it will still be an emotional rollercoaster. You may think you don’t need a divorce lawyer in Milton, GA if you don’t require child custody and support claims, but it’s still wise to work with our lawyers to get assistance.

The divorce process usually goes through various stages, which start with officially filing your divorce complaint. You must then serve that complaint, receive an answer, and start mediation.

Sometimes, clients must go through hearings or have late case evaluations before the trial. The event timeline varies based on your unique circumstances. Likewise, other factors might affect your outcome, including pre-and post-nuptial agreements and domestic violence claims.

With so many factors surrounding divorce law, you require a reputable divorce lawyer in Milton, GA. Our legal team has the resources necessary to help you achieve a successful outcome.

How Can We Help Clients?

Our law firm specializes in these divorce areas:

With us on your side, you can negotiate for a more favorable outcome, and the process is often quicker. If both parties can’t agree, we also offer litigation services. Our goal is to protect your rights at all costs!

Contact The Millard Law Firm Today!

We realize divorce is difficult; you’re full of emotions. You might be angry because of infidelity or excited about your new journey. Regardless, you aren’t alone! It’s best to seek legal assistance for peace of mind and a resolution.

Are you ready to see how The Millard Law Firm can help? Please contact us at (678) 319-9500 or use the online form. We’ll get started on your case as soon as possible!

Specialized Legal Team
Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Tips on Preparing for Divorce in Georgia

Divorce can be a long and complex process. As with any significant life change, it is imperative to have a plan before starting the proceedings, such as understanding your current financial situation and possible custody problems.

At The Millard Law Firm, we offer knowledgeable representation and personalized solutions. Our Alpharetta divorce attorneys have years of experience protecting the interests of their clients. Let us help you start a fresh, new chapter in your life.

Planning an Exit Strategy for Divorce

Before you tell your spouse that you are seeking a divorce, there are multiple things that you must take care of first. Being adequately prepared can give you the advantage when divorce is imminent. Additionally, it will greatly help a lawyer in evaluating your case.

The following are helpful tips to create an “exit strategy” for a divorce:

  • Gather and keep copies or records of relevant information, such as personal, financial, and insurance-related information.
  • Protect sensitive information by privatizing important files in a shared computer and changing common passwords to files and online accounts. If you think changing your password will raise any suspicion, open a new e-mail account.
  • Cut the financial ties between you and your spouse. Open and maintain a new bank account at a different financial institution. Ensure that there is enough money in the new account to support yourself and your children during divorce. Send those statements to another address. Don’t transfer funds that may belong to your spouse.
  • Avoid accumulating debt. Keep your assets as liquid as possible can ensure that you have enough money to last you through and after the divorce.
  • Do not alter, assign, transfer, or make a gift of marital assets that are shared by both parties. Determining which property is considered separate can be an arduous task. Trying to be sneaky by changing the ownership of assets, as well as hiding them, can be substantially detrimental to your case.
  • Create a projected budget. Determine the amount of your monthly income and expenses.
  • Plan for the future. If you are not gainfully employed, research ways to support yourself. If you are currently employed, make sure you remained employed. Think about where you would live once you tell your spouse about the divorce. If your health coverage is tied to your spouse or their employer, look for alternative healthcare options.
  • Seek legal advice from a qualified divorce lawyer. He or she will provide you with more specific and personalized advice regarding your planning methods and what more to do.
  • Break the news to your spouse. Once you have prepared yourself, it is time to tell your spouse about the divorce. While it is best to have a pleasant and civil conversation about the matter, it may not turn out that way. However, the initial conversations with your spouse often establish the tone for the proceeding divorce litigation and life after divorce. Staying positive can be extremely beneficial with settlement negotiations and knowing that you and your spouse can work together after divorce, especially if children are involved.

Specialized Legal Team

Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Adoption Lawyer Johns Creek, GA

Family law can be challenging because it’s so broad and covers various legal issues a household could encounter. Therefore, it’s helpful to work with the best adoption lawyer Johns Creek, GA, offers. 

If you’ve got a legal problem related to adoption or family issues in Georgia, you need The Millard Law Firm. Each lawyer at our firm understands that your situation is unique and requires a solution that meets your needs. Together, we will assess the options available and resolve things for you.

Are you ready to get started? Please call (678) 319-9500 to schedule your consultation today.

Adoption Laws in Georgia

Adoption is one common source for family law issues. According to the official code, a prospective parent must fulfill specific criteria before adopting a child, such as: 

Likewise, the adoption must be filed in both parties’ names if the person is married.

Overall, the adoptive parent(s) must file the petition in the county where they live as per the official code. However, there are exceptions to this rule, allowing the person to file a petition wherever the adoption agency is or where the child lives.

It’s best to speak with an adoption lawyer in Johns Creek, GA, to get advice and information about how to file your adoption petition and handle all adoption-related issues.

Other Considerations for Johns Creek Families

Regardless of the family law matter, you must usually file court submissions and legal paperwork. It can come as petitions, affidavits, verified statements, and complaints for civil cases.

Generally, the local courts require people to file divorce petitions to start the process. Likewise, someone might have to file a complaint against family members that includes sworn statements about a case’s facts. 

There are detailed and complex rules regarding the timing and content of family court filings. Therefore, you may want to avoid going through the process alone because you could do something wrong that prevents the claim from moving forward or gives you an adverse ruling.

Court Hearings

Once you file the family law case, the court schedules a hearing to determine the facts and decide. This may not happen for adoption, but it might, especially if the biological parents want to keep their child. Overall, the court system does what’s best for the kids.

Legal representation for these hearings can be highly beneficial. You’ll know your rights and that of the biological parents. A Johns Creek family attorney will ensure you’re well-prepared for the situation and can handle things that arise.

Let Us Help

The Millard Law Firm understands that families go through many issues at some point. Sometimes, the problem has legal implications and requires a family law attorney.

If you’re hoping to adopt a child, congratulations! It is a beautiful time to introduce a new member to your family. Get the best adoption lawyer Johns Creek, GA, offers so we can help you navigate the complexities of adoption law. 

Our legal team is dedicated to your needs and will review the situation and find a solution that meets your approval. Likewise, we’ll conduct investigations and research to help you learn all available options. If you’re ready to start, schedule a consultation by calling (678) 319-9500.

Specialized Legal Team

Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Divorce Mediation Lawyer Johns Creek, GA

If you’re going through a divorce, you probably know that mediation could be your best solution. Many counties in Georgia use the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) program, which includes mediation. This gives both parties a way to find solutions without seeing a judge.

Couples can address their issues, such as child custody, alimony, child support, debts, and property division. However, instead of going to court, they use a divorce mediation lawyer in Johns Creek, GA.

A mediation attorney can be quite helpful because they will organize your legal documents and help you use the law for your benefit. The last thing you want is an unfair arrangement that leaves you high and dry.

If you want the best divorce mediation lawyer Johns Creek, GA, offers, it’s wise to call The Millard Law Firm at (678) 319-9500 for a consultation.

Court-referred and Private MediationCourt-referred and Private Mediation

Divorce mediation gives both parties a chance to address the issues they face. They don’t have to agree on anything but are encouraged to do so because it can save time and money. You can decide on alimony, asset division, debts, and child support with mediation!

Our knowledgeable attorneys can help you reach an agreement that satisfies you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse. We work smoothly and efficiently to ensure no hard feelings between parties. 

Mediation can happen in one of two ways:

Many couples prefer to work with a divorce mediation lawyer to reach an agreement outside court. It saves money and reduces the emotional stress they would spend on a battle before a judge.

Divorce Time Frames with Mediation

Usually, divorce cases that go to court are finalized in 12 to 18 months, but mediation can make things happen in three months.

When the judge approves the mediation agreement, they can go over the judgment in about 30 days. If neither party wants to modify the agreement, the divorce enters into the nisi period, which is 120 days if it’s not contested. This allows the couple time to think things over, though the divorce is automatically finalized after that period if no one objects.

Why Hire a Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Johns Creek, GA

Generally, the mediation process is straightforward and easily understood. However, you should still have a legal representative by your side. 

A mediation attorney understands the issue and process while focusing on the law. You won’t make poor decisions that could affect you long term. 

Using a mediation attorney helps you make appropriate decisions for your life. Asking for approval in each section ensures you are doing your best. 

Since it’s so important to choose a divorce mediation attorney, Johns Creek, GA, residents should:

The Millard Law Firm Can Serve You Well

It can be scary to think of hiring a divorce mediation lawyer. Johns Creek, GA, residents shouldn’t handle it themselves because they don’t know the law. Instead, working with The Millard Law Firm is wise, and we’re here to help.

Consider setting up a consultation today to talk about your needs. Call (678) 319-9500 to get started!

Specialized Legal Team
Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Need a Divorce Lawyer in Johns Creek, GA? Let Our Team at Millard Law Help!

Going through a divorce can be one of the most devastating things. On top of the emotional burden of these proceedings, these cases also come with many financial expenses that can put even more pressure on both people.

Without legal help, divorce cases can take months or even years to resolve. Georgia has a set of guidelines everyone must follow when they want to end this type of agreement, so if you want to ensure your rights are protected each step of the way, make sure you contact a reputable lawyer.

Our team at Millard Law can guide you through the entire legal process surrounding your divorce. They can also help you make smarter decisions surrounding custody, alimony, or your assets in general.

Schedule a consultation with our divorce lawyer in Johns Creek, GA, and ensure your peace of mind in the long run.

What Does Divorce Law in Johns Creek, GA, Involve?

There are a few areas you must consider when filing for divorce. Overall, you’ll go through four of these areas:

If you and your partner had no children, the process could be more straightforward, although it will still place some emotional pressure on you. Even if you don’t need to deal with child custody or support, talk to one of our team members to get the help you need.

On the other hand, the typical divorce process will go through several stages, starting from the official filing of the divorce complaint. Then, you will serve the complaint, get an answer, and begin the mediation process.

Depending on the process, you may also have to go through temporary hearings and late case evaluations before the final trial. The timeline for these events will vary depending on the circumstances. Other factors could affect the outcome of your case, such as domestic violence claims, pre-nuptials/post-nuptials, and more.

As you can see, many factors surround divorce law, but with the help of our legal team in Johns Creek, GA, you can rest assured you will have all the resources to get a successful outcome in the end.

Why Is Divorce So Complicated?

The primary reason why divorce is complicated is that it involves a lot of emotions, which can affect your way of thinking. It’s normal to feel tenser than usual, especially with those couples who have been together for many years and even decades.

On top of that, you would have to deal with several legal ‘steps’ required by law, such as dividing your assets, determining child support, and more. If there was a previous agreement between the couple, the divorce might be simpler, but not always.

Overall, it takes a long time to gather all the information necessary to build a divorce case, and if you do it on your own, you’ll be more likely to miss key details that will affect your outcome. 

Thankfully, the attorneys at Millard Law have all the tools you need to understand Georgia law and apply it correctly to your specific case.

How Can Millard Law Help Its Clients?

The Millard Law Firm specializes in many areas of divorce, including:

Our legal team is ready to negotiate on your behalf for a favorable outcome as soon as possible. We’re also willing to provide litigation if this isn’t possible. We want to protect your rights and do everything in our power to do it.

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Divorces can be difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. Seeking legal help during these times can be the best decision to get peace of mind and a resolution as quickly as possible.

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