Adoption Lawyer Milton, GA

Adoption Lawyer Milton, GA

The Millard Law Firm helps facilitate adoptions in Milton, GA, focusing on these options:

Georgia offers various adoption types, and it’s crucial to have the top adoption lawyer Milton, GA, offers.

Your Protection Through the Adoption Process

Adopting a child can be your life’s most selfless and satisfying act. It’s the first chapter of a kid’s new life, and becoming their parent is exciting.

Often, adoptive parents worry about the birth parents consenting to the adoption, but other issues could arise too. For example, will the birth parents want ongoing contact with the child after the adoption is finalized? Here are a few other complex legal problems you may encounter:

Concerns are reasonable and something to consider if you have any of the worries listed above or others. The legal adoption process can be challenging, but it’s still a happy event in your and the child’s life. Hire an adoption lawyer in Milton, GA, for protection through the adoption process. The Millard Law Firm can assist by lessening your anxiety and stress, walking you through everything step by step.

You’ll get the emotional and legal support required to extend your family legally.

How Georgia Adoptions Work

There’s more than one way to file for adoption in Georgia. Typically, the time frame varies based on the case facts, the court system, and the adoption agency. It usually takes months to complete, though it might be longer. Here are the available options:

  • Private Adoptions – When a child is adopted by stepparents, family members, or other relatives, they might not be required to go through the foster system. Private adoption processes are still time-consuming and challenging, so having a lawyer present is extremely helpful.
  • Adoption Agencies – The Department of Human Services in Georgia, specifically the Office of Residential Childcare, will issue licenses to adoption agencies in the state. Currently, more than 100 agencies in Georgia help children connect with adoptive families. Though the agency will assist adoptive parents, an attorney is still a great idea.
  • DFACS (Division of Family & Children Services) in Georgia – Most families use DFACS to handle adoptions. It has an extensive system in place and will train prospective families using the Adoption Preparation Program. Then, kids are placed with adoptive parents or put in foster care.
Georgia Eligibility Requirements for Adoption

If you wish to adopt a child, the criteria you must meet includes:

  • Be at least 25 years old or married to someone at least 25 years old.
  • Be a resident of Georgia.
  • Be ten or more years older than the child in question.
  • Be mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally ready to handle full-time custody of a child.

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Deciding to become an adoptive parent makes you selfless. You’re opening your heart and home to a child in need, and this is a special moment. However, since the legal system can be confusing, working with an adoption lawyer in Milton, GA, is wise. The Millard Law Firm is here to assist and answer your questions!

If you’re ready to begin the process, schedule your consultation with one of our lawyers today. We’ll discover your needs and determine how we can help you. Please call (678) 319-9500 to get started!

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