Preparing for Divorce

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Tips on Preparing for Divorce in Georgia

Divorce can be a long and complex process. As with any significant life change, it is imperative to have a plan before starting the proceedings, such as understanding your current financial situation and possible custody problems.

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Planning an Exit Strategy for Divorce

Before you tell your spouse that you are seeking a divorce, there are multiple things that you must take care of first. Being adequately prepared can give you the advantage when divorce is imminent. Additionally, it will greatly help a lawyer in evaluating your case.

The following are helpful tips to create an “exit strategy” for a divorce:

  • Gather and keep copies or records of relevant information, such as personal, financial, and insurance-related information.
  • Protect sensitive information by privatizing important files in a shared computer and changing common passwords to files and online accounts. If you think changing your password will raise any suspicion, open a new e-mail account.
  • Cut the financial ties between you and your spouse. Open and maintain a new bank account at a different financial institution. Ensure that there is enough money in the new account to support yourself and your children during divorce. Send those statements to another address. Don’t transfer funds that may belong to your spouse.
  • Avoid accumulating debt. Keep your assets as liquid as possible can ensure that you have enough money to last you through and after the divorce.
  • Do not alter, assign, transfer, or make a gift of marital assets that are shared by both parties. Determining which property is considered separate can be an arduous task. Trying to be sneaky by changing the ownership of assets, as well as hiding them, can be substantially detrimental to your case.
  • Create a projected budget. Determine the amount of your monthly income and expenses.
  • Plan for the future. If you are not gainfully employed, research ways to support yourself. If you are currently employed, make sure you remained employed. Think about where you would live once you tell your spouse about the divorce. If your health coverage is tied to your spouse or their employer, look for alternative healthcare options.
  • Seek legal advice from a qualified divorce lawyer. He or she will provide you with more specific and personalized advice regarding your planning methods and what more to do.
  • Break the news to your spouse. Once you have prepared yourself, it is time to tell your spouse about the divorce. While it is best to have a pleasant and civil conversation about the matter, it may not turn out that way. However, the initial conversations with your spouse often establish the tone for the proceeding divorce litigation and life after divorce. Staying positive can be extremely beneficial with settlement negotiations and knowing that you and your spouse can work together after divorce, especially if children are involved.

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