Divorce Lawyer Milton, GA

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Divorce Lawyer Milton, GA

Most people feel devastated while they go through a divorce. There’s the emotional burden of handling the proceedings, but the cases generally come with financial expenses that will put pressure on both parties. Anger, sadness, and other emotions often come into play, which can cause problems in the courtroom.


Divorce cases could take months or years to resolve without legal assistance. Georgia law has set guidelines for everyone to follow when a marriage ends. Therefore, you want to protect your rights during the process, which means hiring the top divorce lawyer in Milton, GA.

The Millard Law Firm is here to assist people through divorce because the legal process can be daunting and confusing. We aim to help clients make smart decisions about alimony, assets, and custody concerns. You aren’t alone; we’re here for you!

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Why Is Divorce Complicated?

Divorce is complicated because it involves emotions. When you’re emotional, you don’t reason well. Likewise, you might feel tense, especially if you have been married for many decades.

Though the emotional burden is onerous, you’re also dealing with the legal process Georgia law requires to divorce your spouse. This includes child support and custody determinations and the division of assets. 

Sometimes, the couple had previous agreements in place for such a situation. This often simplifies the process, but things change and evolve with time, so that’s not always true.

What’s Involved in Divorce Law in Milton, GA?

There are countless things to consider when you file for divorce, and these four areas are the primary ones:

Typically, it’s a little more straightforward when you and your partner have no children together, but it will still be an emotional rollercoaster. You may think you don’t need a divorce lawyer in Milton, GA if you don’t require child custody and support claims, but it’s still wise to work with our lawyers to get assistance.

The divorce process usually goes through various stages, which start with officially filing your divorce complaint. You must then serve that complaint, receive an answer, and start mediation.

Sometimes, clients must go through hearings or have late case evaluations before the trial. The event timeline varies based on your unique circumstances. Likewise, other factors might affect your outcome, including pre-and post-nuptial agreements and domestic violence claims.

With so many factors surrounding divorce law, you require a reputable divorce lawyer in Milton, GA. Our legal team has the resources necessary to help you achieve a successful outcome.

How Can We Help Clients?

Our law firm specializes in these divorce areas:

With us on your side, you can negotiate for a more favorable outcome, and the process is often quicker. If both parties can’t agree, we also offer litigation services. Our goal is to protect your rights at all costs!

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We realize divorce is difficult; you’re full of emotions. You might be angry because of infidelity or excited about your new journey. Regardless, you aren’t alone! It’s best to seek legal assistance for peace of mind and a resolution.

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