Adoption Lawyer Johns Creek, GA

Adoption Lawyer Johns Creek, GA

Family law can be challenging because it’s so broad and covers various legal issues a household could encounter. Therefore, it’s helpful to work with the best adoption lawyer Johns Creek, GA, offers. 

If you’ve got a legal problem related to adoption or family issues in Georgia, you need The Millard Law Firm. Each lawyer at our firm understands that your situation is unique and requires a solution that meets your needs. Together, we will assess the options available and resolve things for you.

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Adoption Laws in Georgia

Adoption is one common source for family law issues. According to the official code, a prospective parent must fulfill specific criteria before adopting a child, such as: 

Likewise, the adoption must be filed in both parties’ names if the person is married.

Overall, the adoptive parent(s) must file the petition in the county where they live as per the official code. However, there are exceptions to this rule, allowing the person to file a petition wherever the adoption agency is or where the child lives.

It’s best to speak with an adoption lawyer in Johns Creek, GA, to get advice and information about how to file your adoption petition and handle all adoption-related issues.

Other Considerations for Johns Creek Families

Regardless of the family law matter, you must usually file court submissions and legal paperwork. It can come as petitions, affidavits, verified statements, and complaints for civil cases.

Generally, the local courts require people to file divorce petitions to start the process. Likewise, someone might have to file a complaint against family members that includes sworn statements about a case’s facts. 

There are detailed and complex rules regarding the timing and content of family court filings. Therefore, you may want to avoid going through the process alone because you could do something wrong that prevents the claim from moving forward or gives you an adverse ruling.

Court Hearings

Once you file the family law case, the court schedules a hearing to determine the facts and decide. This may not happen for adoption, but it might, especially if the biological parents want to keep their child. Overall, the court system does what’s best for the kids.

Legal representation for these hearings can be highly beneficial. You’ll know your rights and that of the biological parents. A Johns Creek family attorney will ensure you’re well-prepared for the situation and can handle things that arise.

Let Us Help

The Millard Law Firm understands that families go through many issues at some point. Sometimes, the problem has legal implications and requires a family law attorney.

If you’re hoping to adopt a child, congratulations! It is a beautiful time to introduce a new member to your family. Get the best adoption lawyer Johns Creek, GA, offers so we can help you navigate the complexities of adoption law. 

Our legal team is dedicated to your needs and will review the situation and find a solution that meets your approval. Likewise, we’ll conduct investigations and research to help you learn all available options. If you’re ready to start, schedule a consultation by calling (678) 319-9500.

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