Divorce Mediation Lawyer Milton, GA

Divorce Mediation Lawyer Milton, GA

Going through a divorce is a challenging time, and mediation might be the best solution. Many counties in Georgia use the Alternative Dispute Resolution program, which allows divorces without seeing a judge or going to court.

Couples will address their concerns, including property division, debts, alimony, child custody, and child support. However, they won’t have to go to court and will use the best divorce mediation lawyer Milton, GA, offers.

In most cases, a mediation attorney is beneficial. They’ll organize all the legal documents and ensure you use the law to your advantage. No one wants to deal with an unfair arrangement, and that won’t happen with The Millard Law Firm on your side.

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Private and Court-referred Mediation

Through divorce mediation, both parties have a chance to address whatever issues they face. While you’re not required to agree on anything, if possible, it’s best to do so to save money and time. Mediation is where you decide on asset division, alimony, child support, debts, child custody, and much more.

Our experienced attorneys can help you and your spouse reach an agreement that will satisfy both parties. The goal is to work efficiently and smoothly so that no hard feelings are left over.

Mediation happens in these two ways:

  • Court-referred Mediation – When you file for divorce and go to court, the judge could suggest mediation. You’ll have a legally-binding contract if you agree to the terms laid out before you and sign the agreement. Then, the court will enforce the agreement so neither party can violate the contract.
  • Private Mediation – With private mediation, you’ll work with a private mediator and pay them to resolve the dispute before going to court. If you and your spouse agree, you’ll both sign the document and make it legally binding.

Most couples hire a divorce mediation lawyer in Milton, GA, to help them reach an agreement without going to court. Mediation is a wise route to go if you want to save money and reduce stress.

Time Frames for Divorce Mediation

Typically, court divorce cases get finalized within 12 to 18 months, which is a long time. However, mediation could speed things up, so you’ll finish the paperwork in three months.

If a judge approves your mediation agreement, it will be finalized in roughly 30 days. Both parties are allowed to modify the contract if they wish, but if the agreement remains, the divorce moves to the nisi period, which is 120 days without contesting.

The nisi period gives the couple time to think about things. If no one objects after that time frame, the divorce is finalized.

Why Hire a Divorce Mediation Lawyer Milton, GA

Mediation may seem straightforward, but it can get messy without experienced legal representation.

A divorce mediation lawyer knows what to do and walks you through the process. Hiring the right lawyer can protect you from making poor decisions affecting the agreement. The goal is for you to get the best possible outcome because the contract could affect your life long-term.

Choose the Millard Law Firm

Divorce can be scary for many people, but it’s a little easier when you work with a divorce mediation lawyer. Milton, GA, residents won’t be alone and will have someone available who understands the law. 

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