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Get the Legal Guidance You Need with Our Family Law Attorney in Johns Creek, GA

Most kinds of family issues can be overwhelming, especially divorce, adoption, child custody, and others. Even if the issue gets solved, there’s a chance that you can end up with a lot of stress and financial problems.

The best way to navigate any family-related problems is by hiring a skilled negotiator and attorney who can guide you through the entire process correctly.

Our team at The Millard Law Firm is committed to building a strong case for all our clients, ensuring the best outcome possible for each situation. If you need help with your family law proceedings, schedule a consultation with us, and let’s get started!

What Areas of Family Law Does The Millard Law Firm Cover?

Due to the sensitive nature of family law cases, you need to work with a skilled legal team willing to fight for your rights in the safest way possible. We know how emotionally overwhelming these cases can be, so we’re here to help you in each step of the process.

Some of the family law areas we help our clients with include:

Georgia law can get complex fast, especially if you don’t have an expert to help you. However, our legal team will be there for you during any negotiations you may go through, and if the case has to go to court, we’ll represent you to the best of our ability.

You don’t have to worry about experience; our team has over 14 years of experience in family law, and we’ve also completed over 800 cases. Rest assured that your case is in good hands

Why Should You Choose The Millard Law Firm as Your Trustworthy Legal Team?

Regarding family law in Johns Creek, GA, you must find a compassionate legal expert focused on helping you succeed. Many firms may only see you as another case, and while that’s valid, that approach will not be a successful one in the long run.

The Millard Law Firm comprises passionate lawyers who will work hard to get you the best outcome possible for your case. Thanks to all our years of experience, we have all the legal resources to fight.

Remember that each state has different laws surrounding family proceedings, especially delicate ones like divorce. Our team will help you understand all the legal implications surrounding your case, giving you peace of mind during the entire process.

Thanks to our approach to these legal problems, you can focus on other areas of your life while we handle the hard part of the case. As mentioned, family law is known for hitting close to home, and related cases often involve many emotions and uncertainty.

While it’s not 100% possible to prevent family proceedings from ever happening, preparing a compelling case that takes the weight off your shoulders is possible.

We will fight for you and your family or children’s best interests. Regardless of your specific need, we have a professional available to give you the answers and resources you deserve to achieve a favorable outcome.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Having legal assistance during these challenging times is essential if you want to focus on recovering financially and emotionally. If you need a family law attorney in Johns Creek, GA, you’ve landed on the right page.

Make sure to fill out our contact form or call (678) 319-9500 for more information on our services.

Specialized Legal Team

Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Child Support Lawyers Johns Creek, GA

A Child Support Lawyer in Johns Creek, GA, Can Help You Navigate the Difficult Times

If you’re going through divorce proceedings in Johns Creek, GA, where children are involved, a child support order will be a part of the proceedings. It’s hard enough having to deal with the fact that your marriage is ending, alongside any potential asset allocation challenges.

Adding the family separation element of things and what your child(ren) must be going through compounds the difficulty of it all. That’s why you need the best possible legal representation to help you navigate these rough waters.

The Millard Law Firm boasts a team with over four decades of experience and has demonstrated success in helping our clients through a passionate approach. Schedule a consultation with us today to begin talking about your child support case.

The Challenge of Child Support and Custody Matters

Of all the negotiations that form a part of a divorce, the child support and custody element of things tends to present one of the most significant emotional challenges, which, of course, is one of the many things you must deal with.

US census numbers indicate that the total child support agreed to during divorce is received by less than 45% of custodial parents. Of course, The Millard Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring that the ruling is fair and that the full extent of financial support is received.

Regardless of the tough time the parents are going through, the most important thing here is a sense of normalcy and care for children. Our job is to ensure that we adequately handle the legal side of things and provide support where necessary to help you navigate the mental layers.

How Does a Child Support Lawyer in Johns Creek, GA Help Me?

Our job is to ensure that our clients in Johns Creek are thoroughly advised of their options and that a suitable amount of child support is received to care for the children involved.

Sometimes, it’s about something other than receiving or calculating child support. You may require changes based on circumstance differences or even a custody modification.

An experienced, passionate, and competent team of attorneys is here to help you get the best possible outcome.

Is Calculating Child Support Difficult in Georgia?

Georgia courts take several things into account where child support calculations are concerned. These include the parent that will have primary custody, the child’s financial needs, how much each parent earns and the current education level/employment circumstances of each parent.

There are also the matters of special needs that the child may have, assets that form a part of the separation process, etc. There’s a spreadsheet that judges will use to come to a consensus on the amount of support the child will need.

It’s in your best interest to be represented by a child support lawyer familiar with these calculations.

How Hard Is It to Modify a Child Support Agreement to Align with Significant Circumstance Changes?

Once every two years or if there’s a significant circumstance change, Georgia law allows for child support modifications. The need for this kind of proceeding can come from job loss, considerable income increases, etc.

Speak to your attorney to determine the requirements for such a proceeding and if you need an expedited hearing.

Do You Need a Child Support Lawyer in Johns Creek, GA? Schedule a Consultation with the Millard Law Firm Today!

Worrying about child support allocations is tough to handle alongside existing divorce matters. Lean on the support and expertise of The Millard Law Firm, as we are committed to providing the best results for our valued Johns Creek clients.

Schedule a consultation today by calling us at 678-319-9500.

Further Information

Child support is typically calculated by a percentage of both parties’ incomes and other expenses related to the children. If you are currently going through a divorce and have concerns about receiving or paying the correct amount of child support, give us a call. Our Child support attorneys have helped many Johns Creek residents receive a suitable amount of child support. 

Child support payments can be arranged by a mutual agreement between the parents however, we advise anyone going through a divorce, legitimation or modification of child support to consider determining child support payments with the help of any attorney


Child support is calculated differently in every state.  In Georgia, a number of factors are taken into account when determining the amount of child support that is in the best interest of the child. 


The following points are all factors that allow the judge to determine child support payments:


  •  If a child has excessive medical expenses
  • Income of both parents who will have parenting time with the child or children 
  • The cost of health insurance and work related day care expenses

Georgia uses the income share method to calculate basic child support. With this model, the court looks at the financial situation of both parents. 

Under the income share model, the Georgia courts use economic data to estimate the monthly cost of raising children prior to divorce. The non-custodial parent will pay a percentage of the calculated cost that is based on their proportional share of both parents’ combined income. 

Calculating the income or financial situation of the parents can be a daunting task, especially if one or both parents are self-employed or have business interests. In some child support cases custodial parent(s) may request the use of a forensic accountant to uncover any hidden income or calculate income based on expenses of the other party.

The gross income of both parents shall include income of any source, before taxes and deductions, and includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Salaries
  • Commission, fees and tips 
  • Overtime
  • Income self-employment
  • Bonuses
  • Interest and dividend income 
  • Disability or retirement benefits
  • Alimony
  • Unemployment insurance benefits
  • Workers compensation benefits
  • Assets 
  • Other income 

It is important to have an experienced and competent child support attorney by your side that is familiar with child support calculations. 

Child support cases can get quite complex, depending on the gross income of the parents, whether a parent is self employed and other various factors stated above. If you have any doubts about your child support case, contact us. We will fight for you.

Modifications to child support can be made if there has been an increase in expenses concerning the child or if the opposing parent has had an increase in income since the child support payment was last determined by the Georgia courts. If you are struggling to support your children or feel that you are paying too much, reach out to us and we will help you recalculate your child support payment.

Georgia law allows a party to file a modification of child support once every two years or when there is a significant change in circumstances. A significant change in circumstances can include a loss of a job or other income or a significant increase in income through a raise or promotion. If you are paying child support and have suffered a job loss, you may petition the court for a reduction in child support.


You may also ask for an expedited hearing. Unless you request an expedited hearing, you may have to wait months to obtain an order reducing your child support.

You may file a modification of child custody if:

  • One parent wants to move out of state or a distance that makes it impractical to follow the current parenting plan
  • A parent’s new significant other is causing harm to your child or children 
  • If a change in jobs allows the non-custodial parent to spend more time with the child. 
  • If a child over 14 makes an election to spend more time with the non-custodial parent

One reason to request a modification of custody is simply because one of the parents plans to move far enough away from the other parent to make the current parenting plan impractical. In Georgia, there is no law that prohibits one of the parents from moving out of state if they wish to retain custody of their children. Although a Court cannot prevent a parent from moving , a Court is allowed to Order the children stay in Georgia or custody change to the other parent.Just like with child custody, the Georgia courts determine what is in the best interest of the child. If you or the other parent are choosing to move out of state , the courts will evaluate the situation and determine what is in the best interest of the child.

When it comes to visitation and custody modification you should always consult an attorney to help guide you through the process. Our firm has helped many Johns Creek residents modify their custody and visitation rights. Contact us for more information on custody and visitation modification.

Specialized Legal Team

Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Retain the Services of a Qualified Family Law Attorney in Milton, GA

Family law’s scope is a lot broader than you may think. It’s not just about divorce. There are a lot of matters, including children, families, and parental rights.

The dissolution of a marriage can be difficult emotionally. Coupling the legal challenges can make it a nightmare. Thankfully, you are not alone.

If you’re dealing with issues such as child support, custody, prenuptial agreements, etc., in Alpharetta, we are here to help you. Allow the talented and passionate minds at The Millard Law Firm to care for you.

We understand the legal nuances of these matters and go the extra mile to provide the support you need in this difficult time.

What Services Do We Offer?

We handle the full suite of family law matters in Milton, GA. These include:

Sometimes, settling these matters is not a straightforward process. For example, in a prenuptial agreement, both parties considering marriage need to settle on a series of stipulations that would become relevant should they decide to become divorced in the future.

As you can imagine, competing interests and the intent to gain advantages can quickly create a stalemate. A qualified family law attorney in Milton can help negotiate and mediate to ensure that the resulting agreement is as appealing to both parties as possible.

The Wealth of Experience You Need in Your Corner

Considering the sensitivity and implications of family law matters, you need to know that the attorney you are trusting is the right one for the job. With that said, why should you trust The Millard Law Firm to handle these kinds of proceedings?

You should know that our legal team has the in-depth knowledge that families need to navigate these proceedings. This has led to a demonstrated history of success, regardless of the complexity of family law matters.

There are over four decades of legal experience to lean on, complemented by our attorneys’ professional approach. All this leans on a pillar of passion for helping our clients succeed.

Is an Attorney Needed for Legal Family Matters?

In family law matters, it’s always recommended that you retain the services of a family law attorney. Think about the implications, especially if there are children in the mix. You’d want to know that things are resolved as optimally as possible, and competent legal assistance helps to ensure that.

The same goes for situations where considerable assets in the mix need to be apportioned.

Remember that your lawyer is meant to be your advocate throughout the proceedings. So, you can rest assured that your best interests are always at heart and fought for by a passionate professional.

Is Court Required for Family Law Matters in Milton?

This highly depends on the matter at hand. For example, we can often settle child custody situations out of court. If so, we will assist and encourage mediation, considering the parents involved have greater control over the outcome.

In other situations, however, we have the skills and experience to represent you effectively in court for the best possible outcome.

The same goes for situations where considerable assets in the mix need to be apportioned.

Remember that your lawyer is meant to be your advocate throughout the proceedings. So, you can rest assured that your best interests are always at heart and fought for by a passionate professional.

Schedule a Consultation Today with an Experienced Family Law Attorney in Milton, GA!

It’s no secret that matters such as child custody, divorce, etc., can be as financially stressful as they are emotionally draining. As you go through such an experience, you need legal expertise that will fight for you while supporting you through a difficult time.

That’s the kind of experience The Millard Law Firm aims to offer through competent attorneys who have demonstrated successful outcomes. Schedule a consultation with us today by calling (678) 319-9500.

Additional Information & Answers

Determining child custody is a very complicated process that requires the assistance of a lawyer. In Georgia, child custody is determined by what’s in the “best interest of the child.” There are several factors a court considers when determining what is in the best interest of the child such as safety of the child, emotional or psychological needs of the child, history of abuse, the ability for parents to communicate, the child’s decision if they’re aged 14 or older, and location where parents reside. These are some of the major factors that determine child custody.

If the child is aged 14 or older he or she can make an election of which parent they wish to reside with, but that decision is not binding on the Judge. If it is not in the best interest of the child to reside with the parent they chose, their decision can be rejected by the Judge.

It’s important to have an attorney on your side during child custody cases. If you truly want your voice to be heard, hiring a child custody attorney will have an immense impact on the outcome of your custody case. Our lead attorney, Marcy Millard, helps parents in Alpharetta navigate through complex and emotional child custody and high-stakes divorce cases both as a lawyer and a Guardian ad Litem. More importantly, she has been through the process herself as a child of divorce. If you are searching for the right child custody lawyer to defend you, look no further. The Millard Law Firm will fight to ensure the best interests of your child/children.

Child custody cases can be very complicated and have many moving parts. In some cases, a custody evaluator and a GAL may be required by the court in order to help determine custody and visitation rights. The Georgia courts will review all the information submitted, and from there they will determine custody in favor of the best interests of the child. 

In Georgia, child custody is granted through physical or legal custody.

Parents that are granted physical custody have the right to live primarily with the child and in most cases parents will have shared custody (joint custody) of children involved in a custody dispute. In some cases the court will appoint one parent as the primary physical custodian of the child, but more courts are granting both parents joint physical custody.  Joint physical custody allows the child to live with both parents the same amount of time. 

If the Georgia courts determine that one parent is unfit to care for the child, then sole custody will be granted to one parent. In this case, visitation rights may or may not be allowed for the other parent.  This is very uncommon, but can happen in extreme cases of abuse, neglect or other significant issues.

Legal custody determines which parent or parents have legal decisions concerning the child’s education and medical care. The Georgia Court will generally grant the parties joint legal custody with one parent having final decision making authority.. The parent granted final decision making authority for the child will make final decisions if both parents cannot agree on legal matters concerning the child’s well-being. 

Sole custody takes place when the courts determine that one parent is completely unfit to legally and physically have custodial rights. Sole custody is rarely granted; however, based on the Court’s findings it can be enforced. Sole custody grants one parent full legal and physical custody meaning they are fully in charge of the child’s well being. While sole custody grants full legal and physical rights to a child, it does not take away the financial responsibility from the other parent to care and provide for the child. Child support and child custody are two separate matters.

Custody evaluators, which are licensed professionals by the state, will also have a say in your child custody hearing. Custody evaluators give their professional opinion on the ability of both parents to responsibly care for the child. In some cases here in Georgia, psychological evaluations may also be required if the custody evaluator suspects it may be necessary.

A Guardian Ad Litem is an attorney appointed by the court to represent the child’s best interest as far as custody and visitation. Not every case requires a Guardian Ad Litem; however, having one present is highly recommended during complex cases. 

The role of a Guardian Ad Litem in a child custody case is to investigate and provide a recommendation as to who should have custody of the child, the visitation schedule,  if supervised visitation is needed, and other important issues regarding custody.

A Guardian ad Litem is considered the Court’s expert for child custody. They may have some knowledge on child development in psychology; however, their main task is to look through information related to the child’s well-being. This includes interviewing children, parents, and witnesses involved during a custody case in order to give appropriate recommendations for the child or children involved in a custody dispute.

The main difference between a child custody evaluator and Guardian ad Litem is their legal and scientific background.

In Georgia, custody evaluators are licensed psychologists who are usually brought into a child custody case if there are suspected issues of psychological instability. In a custody hearing, a custody evaluator can be requested by another party involved in the case, the Judge or a Guardian Ad Litem. Custody evaluators will report their scientific findings to the court and can also offer a recommendation concerning child custody and visitation.

Neither a custody evaluator or a Guardian ad Litem’s recommendation is binding on the Court.  A Judge is the only authority who can make ae decision based on psychological and legal findings.

Under Georgia law, if parents are not married, the mother is considered the solelegal custodian of the child unless and until the Court grants the father any rights to legal or physical custody. Even if the father is ordered by the court to pay child support, he may not have visitation rights, physical or legal custody of the child. For unmarried parents there are no automatic father’s rights in the state of Georgia. The father has a right to become a physical custodian of the child as long as the court finds it will be in the best interest of the child for him to be a legal or physical custodian. 

Parenting plans also known as the child custody agreement, outlines who will be the primary physical or legal custodian of the child in addition to frequency of visitation. In some cases, both parents cannot agree on visitation rights and frequency of visitation. In this case, the Georgia courts order both parties to submit their own proposed plan on how the child’s custody should work. Both parties submit their proposed parenting plan before the first child custody hearing. The Judge will review the findings in addition to other information submitted by a Guardian Ad Litem and custody evaluator.

Here at the Millard Law Firm we help Alpharetta residents devise parenting plans that make a difference in their case. If you are going through a child custody dispute, it is best to consult an attorney who is well-versed in preparing child custody agreements.

Child support and child custody are handled separately. While both have their similarities, there are various factors that are used to calculate child support payments. In Georgia, the non-custodial parent is required to pay child support. Typically in Georgia, the parent that has the least amount of visitation time is the one required to pay child support.

Just like child custody cases, child support can also be very complex with many moving parts as far as determining who will pay child support and how much will be paid. Our lawyers are skilled at navigating through these difficult situations. We will fight not only for the custody of your child, but also child support associated with caring for your child. Click here to learn more about child support.

Have situations in your life changed since you went through your divorce orestablished a custody or visitation order? Any parent may file for a modification of custody or visitation once every two years or if there is a significant change in circumstances. At The Millard Law Firm, our Alpharetta child custody lawyers are committed to protecting your rights and the rights of your children. Working with a trusted family law firm is in your best interest to ensure you have the best chance for success.

Situations that are typically considered a significant change in circumstances include:

  • One parent wants to move out of state.
  • One parent gets remarried.
  • A parent’s new boyfriend or girlfriend causing harm to your child or children.
  • A change in jobs that allows the non-custodial parent to spend more time with the child or the custodial parent to spend less time with the child.
  • A 14 year old or older child’s election

A frequently used reason for filing a modification of custody and visitation is a move out of state. Many times the non-moving parent believes that the moving parent should lose custody as a result of his or her decision. The Georgia Supreme Court has stated there is no bright line rule to child custody.

Simply moving out of state does not waive your right to custody. Each case must be evaluated individually and the court must make a decision based on the best interest of the child. Whether you are the moving parent or the parent remaining in the state, it is imperative that you retain the representation of a committed Alpharetta family lawyer.

A modification of custody can take several months and in several counties, the moving party is prevented from moving until a final order is issued. If you need to modify your visitation or custody schedule because of a planned move or just wish to determine if your situation will warrant a modification, please reach out to The Millard Law Firm today.

Specialized Legal Team

Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Navigating the complexities of divorce in Big Creek, GA, can be daunting. It’s a journey filled with emotional and legal challenges that require a steady hand. That’s where a skilled divorce mediation lawyer steps in, offering a path to amicable resolution.

Divorce mediation lawyers specialize in finding common ground, often saving couples time and reducing the stress associated with traditional divorce proceedings. They’re the unsung heroes in the shadows of the courtroom, crafting agreements that serve both parties’ interests.

In Big Creek, a divorce mediation lawyer isn’t just an advisor; they’re an essential guide through the turbulent waters of marital dissolution. They empower clients to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to a smoother transition into the next chapter of their lives.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a conflict-resolution process facilitated by a neutral third party, the divorce mediation lawyer. It is often utilized by couples seeking an amicable separation. This method emphasizes collaboration and communication, steering away from the adversarial nature traditionally associated with divorce proceedings. The mediation lawyer acts not as a decision-maker but as a facilitator, helping both parties communicate their needs and negotiate effectively.

The process involves a series of joint sessions where the couple, with the guidance of their mediation lawyer, works through the various components of divorce. These may include:

Divorce mediation places the decision-making power directly in the hands of the parties involved rather than leaving it to the courts. This person-centered approach sets mediation apart, making it a sought-after option for many.

The Millard Law Firm specializes in guiding North Atlanta residents through this process with expertise and sensitivity. They understand that every couple comes with unique circumstances and tailor their mediation approach accordingly. Clients are supported to reach agreements that reflect their values and long-term objectives without needing a contentious courtroom battle.

Mediation is also cost-effective, typically requiring fewer financial resources than traditional litigation. Not only can it save money, but it can also help reduce the emotional strain on all parties involved, including children. As a voluntary process, it promotes a greater sense of control over one’s future.

In Big Creek, GA, The Millard Law Firm stands out by providing comprehensive mediation services that respect the privacy and dignity of each client. Their expertise in navigating the complex waters of divorce with compassion and practicality makes them a valuable ally for anyone facing the challenging journey of marital dissolution.

Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Hiring a divorce mediation lawyer, like The Millard Law Firm in North Atlanta, offers several advantages, particularly in minimizing conflict during the emotional separation process. These specialized lawyers provide a neutral ground for discussion, promoting understanding between parties and fostering a less adversarial atmosphere than traditional divorce proceedings.

Guidance from a divorce mediation lawyer often leads to more satisfactory outcomes, as couples negotiate terms without courtroom pressure, aligning with the best interests of all involved. The process is cost and time-efficient, requiring fewer resources than litigation. Mediation confidentiality ensures privacy for sensitive matters, unlike public court proceedings.

Utilizing a divorce mediation lawyer can also establish a precedent for productive post-divorce communication, especially for co-managing parenting responsibilities. The Millard Law Firm’s tailored approach recognizes each family’s unique situation, offering negotiation and conflict resolution expertise to ease the transition into post-divorce life for residents of Big Creek, GA.


Mediated Divorce

Court-Settled Divorce




Legal Fees



Emotional Stress




Finding the Right Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Big Creek, GA

Selecting a proficient divorce mediation lawyer in Big Creek, GA, is crucial for ensuring a smooth mediation process. Individuals should seek a mediator with a strong track record in divorce cases and an understanding of the emotional complexities involved. Experience in divorce law is paramount as it ensures the mediator can easily handle the legal intricacies.

Essential Qualities to Look For

When choosing a mediation lawyer, several qualities should not be overlooked:

  • Patience and Empathy: The lawyer’s ability to remain patient and empathetic helps maintain a constructive environment for negotiation.

  • Impartiality: An unbiased mediator fosters balanced discussions, giving both parties equal opportunity to voice their concerns.

  • Expertise in Family Law: Knowledge of local laws in North Atlanta and Big Creek specifically guides the process according to state mandates.

  • Strong Communication Skills: Effectively articulating and clarifying legal nuances assists in making informed decisions.

Research and Recommendations

Before making a decision, potential clients should conduct thorough research, which includes:

  • Reading client reviews and testimonies.

  • Checking the lawyer’s standing with the local bar association.

  • Soliciting recommendations from friends, family, or professionals who have undergone similar experiences.

The Millard Law Firm: Your Mediation Advocate

The Millard Law Firm comes highly recommended, with lawyers specializing in creating agreeable resolutions. They provide:

  • Personalized Attention: Understanding each case’s unique needs.

  • Skilled Negotiation: Advocating for fair agreements without compromising client interests.

  • Confidentiality: Keeping sensitive details private.

Individuals seeking a divorce mediation lawyer in Big Creek will find that the Millard Law Firm has the expertise to navigate the challenges of divorce mediation while prioritizing the interests and well-being of their clients.

Understanding the Divorce Mediation Process

Divorce mediation at The Millard Law Firm in North Atlanta is a process led by professionals prioritizing confidentiality and amicable settlements. In initial meetings, both parties outline concerns, facilitated by skilled mediators, creating an open communication environment. The aim is to reach a fair and mutually acceptable agreement, providing a private and less adversarial option than traditional court battles.

Mediators from The Millard Law Firm assist couples in finding common ground without making decisions, exploring Georgia’s divorce laws for informed choices. The mediation process ensures discretion and privacy, as sessions are not public record. If an agreement is reached, the firm helps draft a detailed, legally binding settlement agreement for court approval. Couples retain the option to go to court if mediation doesn’t result in an agreement.

Success in divorce mediation depends on both parties’ willingness and the mediator’s skill. With experienced mediators at The Millard Law Firm, couples in Big Creek receive the support needed for a smoother transition through this challenging life process.


Choosing the right divorce mediation lawyer in Big Creek, GA, can significantly impact the outcome of a divorce. The Millard Law Firm stands out for its commitment to facilitating discussions that honor the needs and interests of both parties. They’re adept at handling the complexities of family law and strive to ensure that the final settlement is fair and equitable. With their guidance, couples can avoid the adversarial nature of court proceedings and instead focus on collaborative solutions. Trust their expertise to provide the support and discretion needed during this challenging time. For those seeking a path to a new beginning, it’s clear that mediation with a skilled lawyer can pave the way for a more amicable resolution.

Mediators from The Millard Law Firm assist couples in finding common ground without making decisions, exploring Georgia’s divorce laws for informed choices. The mediation process ensures discretion and privacy, as sessions are not public record. If an agreement is reached, the firm helps draft a detailed, legally binding settlement agreement for court approval. Couples retain the option to go to court if mediation doesn’t result in an agreement.

Success in divorce mediation depends on both parties’ willingness and the mediator’s skill. With experienced mediators at The Millard Law Firm, couples in Big Creek receive the support needed for a smoother transition through this challenging life process.

Specialized Legal Team
Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney

Adoption Lawyer Big Creek, GA

Navigating the adoption process in Big Creek, GA, can be complex and emotionally taxing. That’s where an experienced adoption lawyer comes in. They provide invaluable guidance, ensuring all legal requirements are met with precision and care.

Adoption lawyers serving Big Creek families specialize in creating new family bonds. They’re dedicated to making the journey as smooth as possible, whether you’re a couple looking to adopt or a birth parent considering placement options.

They understand the local laws and are committed to supporting families through each step. With an adoption lawyer’s expertise, prospective parents can embark on this life-changing path with confidence and peace of mind.

The Importance of an Adoption Lawyer in Big Creek, GA

Adopting a child is a profound life decision, and the importance of having an experienced adoption lawyer by your side cannot be understated. A qualified adoption lawyer from The Millard Law Firm simplifies the complex legal landscape and becomes an indispensable partner in the journey to parenthood.

Legal Expertise and Guidance

Adoption laws are complex, and each case in Big Creek has a unique set of circumstances. The Millard Law Firm’s attorneys ensure that all state laws and regulations are adhered to meticulously, safeguarding the interests of both the child and the adoptive parents. They are well-versed in navigating the intricacies of the legal system and are committed to smoothing out any potential legal hindrances that could delay or impact the adoption.

Documentation and Paperwork Management

The adoption process involves a significant amount of documentation. This paperwork is critical and must be managed with extreme care and attention to detail. Lawyers at The Millard Law Firm handle all document submissions, from filing the petition for adoption to finalizing the adoption decree, ensuring that every paper reflects the clear intention of building a family and strictly complies with legal formalities.

Support and Advocacy

Beyond legal services, an adoption lawyer provides continuous support and advocacy for adoptive families. The Millard Law Firm team stands by their clients, offering compassion and personalized attention every step of the way. This support is crucial when unexpected challenges or questions arise during adoption. With a dedicated adoption lawyer, families in Big Creek can trust that they have an advocate to represent their best interests and facilitate the successful completion of their adoption journey.

Understanding the Adoption Process in Big Creek, GA

In Big Creek, GA, The Millard Law Firm offers steadfast legal support throughout the intricate adoption process. Prospective parents, guided by adoption lawyers, navigate diverse options such as international adoption, private adoption, and foster care. Understanding Georgia’s eligibility criteria is crucial, with The Millard Law Firm assisting clients in verifying their qualifications.

Adoption lawyers also provide guidance on the home study process, ensuring clients are prepared for evaluations. Consent management and terminating parental rights are handled with confidentiality and respect. Recognized for adeptly handling sensitive documentation, The Millard Law Firm assists in these nuanced legalities.

Finalizing adoptions involves court appearances and extensive paperwork, with lawyers representing families and advocating for the child’s best interests. Millard Law adoption lawyers’ commitment ensures ongoing support until the final legal hurdle is cleared.

Services Offered by Adoption Lawyers in Big Creek, GA

Adoption lawyers in Big Creek provide a comprehensive set of services catering to prospective adoptive parents’ varying needs. At The Millard Law Firm, the team’s extensive experience means they’re equipped to handle a wide range of adoption-related matters with precision and sensitivity.

Adoption Consultation and Planning

Firstly, clients can expect thorough consultation services. Lawyers offer insights into the different types of adoption available, including private, agency, international, and stepparent adoption. They’ll help clients understand the nuances of each option and devise a strategic plan tailored to specific circumstances and preferences.

Assistance with Home Studies

A crucial step in the adoption process is the home study. The Millard Law Firm’s lawyers guide clients through this evaluative process, ensuring that they’re adequately prepared for the scrutiny of the home environment and lifestyle. Their expert advice can be invaluable in helping prospective parents meet the stringent requirements set forth by the authorities.

Legal Representation and Documentation

Throughout an adoption case, lawyers provide vigorous legal representation. They meticulously prepare and manage all necessary documentation, including petitions and consent forms, ensuring that every legal requirement is expertly addressed.

Court Procedures

The adoption process often involves several court appearances. Adoption lawyers at The Millard Law Firm represent their clients during these critical proceedings, advocating for the best possible outcomes. This representation includes presenting a well-prepared case to the judge and navigating the complexities of the legal system with ease.

Post-Adoption Support

Even after the adoption is finalized, the support from The Millard Law Firm doesn’t stop. Lawyers stand by to offer any post-adoption legal assistance needed, such as addressing birth certificate changes and securing adoption records. They ensure that their clients’ transition into parenthood is as smooth as possible.

By choosing The Millard Law Firm in Big Creek, prospective adoptive parents can rest assured that they’ll receive empathetic and exceptional legal support catered to their unique adoption journey.

How to Choose the Right Adoption Lawyer in Big Creek, GA

Choosing the right adoption lawyer is crucial for a successful adoption process. Look for attorneys with specialized experience in adoption law, such as The Millard Law Firm in North Atlanta, which is known for its focus on adoption-related legal matters.

Consider the attorney’s credentials, ensuring they are licensed in Georgia and have a solid track record in adoption cases. Assess their communication skills, emphasizing clear and responsive interactions. The firm’s approach to tailoring services to individual cases is essential, addressing unique concerns like open or closed adoption and international legal requirements.

Evaluate the range of services offered, with The Millard Law Firm providing full-service adoption assistance, from initial paperwork to post-adoption support. Transparent fee structures without hidden costs, as demonstrated by The Millard Law Firm, allow families to plan their finances accordingly.

In essence, selecting the right adoption lawyer involves finding a team with expertise, dedication, and compassion. The Millard Law Firm embodies these qualities, aiming to make each family’s adoption journey smooth and joyous.

The Role of an Adoption Lawyer in Protecting Your Rights

Adoption lawyers play a pivotal role in safeguarding the legal rights of all parties involved in the adoption process. At The Millard Law Firm in North Atlanta, prospective parents can trust that their rights will be defended vigorously. The adoption journey is laden with legal complexities, and an experienced adoption attorney is essential for guiding prospective parents through this maze.

The layers of state laws and statutes make it essential for an adoption lawyer to advocate effectively for clients’ interests. These legal professionals take on the critical responsibility of ensuring that all consents to the adoption are obtained lawfully and that the client’s rights are upheld. They can also contest any challenges that may arise, providing a solid legal defense.

A top-tier adoption lawyer at The Millard Law Firm will perform several key tasks:

The lawyers at The Millard Law Firm stay abreast of any changes in adoption law, delivering the most current advice to those they represent. They ensure that the rights of the adoptive parents are protected from the initial stages of the adoption to its finalization.

Confidentiality is another critical aspect of an adoption lawyer’s role. The Millard Law Firm respects the privacy of its clients and maintains the confidentiality of sensitive information throughout the adoption process.

An adoption lawyer effectively navigates potential disputes or misunderstandings by providing a thorough understanding of parental rights. They steadfastly advocate for clients, articulating clear expectations and realistic timelines. The role of these legal experts is not just transactional but profoundly personal as they assist families in forming a secure family unit.


Navigating the adoption landscape in Big Creek, GA, can be daunting, but prospective parents can find peace of mind with the right legal expertise. The Millard Law Firm stands out as a beacon of guidance, offering comprehensive support that spans the initial consultation to post-adoption services. The firm’s lawyers are not only well-versed in the legal intricacies but also deeply invested in the emotional well-being of their clients. They’re committed to creating successful family stories by ensuring that every legal detail is meticulously handled. For those embarking on the journey of adoption, partnering with The Millard Law Firm means taking a significant step towards bringing a new family member home with confidence and legal assurance.

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