Day: September 30, 2022

MLF Team

Holiday Tips

Holiday Tips As the end of the year approaches, it can be a stressful time adjusting to a new normal with separate households. You want to protect your child’s experience – maintaining a stress-free holiday. At The Millard Law firm, we help families navigate through these difficult times to help you coordinate custody and honor […]

MLF Team

Divorce Settlement

What is my spouse entitled to in a divorce settlement? In Georgia, the courts will give each spouse a fair or equitable share of their marital assets. This does not mean that each spouse is guaranteed to receive an equal share after divorce. Property, financial assets, and debt are all subject to equitable distribution What […]

MLF Team

Contempt of Court in Georgia

Contempt of Court in Georgia Contempt can happen when you fail to follow a judge’s directions, refuse to obey an order of the court, or ignore a ruling made by the court. Contempt of court is a violation of the law. If a spouse was ordered to pay monthly child support or alimony and intentionally […]