What to Do if Your Spouse Threatens Divorce

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What to Do if Your Spouse Threatens Divorce

If you and your spouse have been fighting for some time, you likely already know things aren’t perfect with your relationship. Still, if your spouse has gone to the extreme of bringing up divorce, it is time to do some serious reflection and consider hiring a family law attorney.

Why has your spouse threatened to leave?

Sometimes when a spouse threatens the “D” word it is not because they truly want to leave. You spouse could be doing it for a number of reasons, including wanting to make the severity of their feelings apparent, shield themself from their own fear of separation by striking first, or simply trying to hurt you as much as they were hurting. However, they may also have brought to light a genuine truth about their desire to leave.

Does threatening divorce harm a marriage?

It is normal to think about divorce every now and then. It is also normal during difficult times in a relationship to have the urge to make or suggest drastic changes. In moments of high emotionality, however, it is important to take a breath and think about what you say before you say it. Ultimately, a divorce may be desired, but threatening one is no casual matter and doing so can cause serious harm to a marriage.

When divorce is threatened, the underlying belief that both spouses are in it together is challenged. Communication is made harder due to frightening stakes, which only worsens the conflict in the long run. Most importantly, separation which was once not in the cards becomes a real possibility.

What to do if your spouse has threatened to divorce you

Whether your spouse is truly considering divorce or has brought it up for another reason, a divorce threat should always be taken seriously. At a minimum, it speaks to a serious conflict in your relationship that must be addressed. Now is the time to reflect on your marriage and how it is working, or not working, for both of you. In this time, it is important to:
  • Talk with your spouse. Wait until you’re both calm, then communicate openly with your hear.
  • Conduct a plan for your relationship moving forward. Determine what you and your partner both want for your future.

This may involve working on your relationship such as through marriage counseling, or emotionally and financially preparing yourself for divorce if that is what you decide on.

  • Consult an attorney. If your spouse has threatened divorce, it is important to educate yourself on how to protect your best interests. Consulting with a family law attorney is a great way to learn your options.

Consulting a family law attorney

On top of the emotional toll of a divorce, you will need to deal with the aspects of the litigation, such as responding to discovery or appearing in court. Rather than fighting that alone, a family law attorney will aid you through this difficult process. Even in this uncertain time, you have options and power.

One such attorney is Marcy Millard of Alpharetta, Georgia. The Millard Law Firm boasts almost 20 years of practice, 42+ years of combined experience, and over 850 successfully completed cases.

What is in the best interest of your children?

It can feel like common sense that the choice to divorce will negatively impact your children, but this is not always the case. A child does best when they grow up with healthy, happy models of adulthood and relationships. Living surrounded by chronic parental conflict may cause more pain for them in the long run.

Outside of avoiding these negatives, a divorce, if required, may inspire positives for your children as well. When modeled constructively, children of divorce can learn healthy relationship skills, develop empathy and adaptability, and be able to spend more quality time with their parents.

Choosing the right attorney can help encourage the positives and mitigate the negatives. As a child of divorce herself, Marcy Millard is passionate about helping the children affected by the cases she litigates. Her own experiences provide insight into helping her clients work through the emotional trauma of a family law case. In addition, they have enabled her to assist her clients in better understanding how they can help their own children navigate through major change.

If you need help making the best choices for yourself and your family during a divorce, contact Millard Law Firm and set up your consultation. We will review your case and begin building a plan of action that we believe suits your best interests. With an in-depth knowledge and extensive history, you can count on Marcy and her team to provide you with the compassionate support and tenacious advocacy that you require at this time.

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