Ending a marriage can be painful, for some people the unraveling of years of weaving two lives together can feel almost as if there has been a death in the family. On top of all the emotions you and your spouse are likely feeling, you might also realize, you have no idea what to expect during this process. At The Millard Law Firm, we strive to become a guiding light for our clients, which is why our Johns Creek divorce lawyer has compiled this list of three things to consider before finalizing your divorce.

1. Determine How You Will Tell Your Kids

If you have children, you and your spouse should discuss how you plan to break the news of your divorce to them. If you and your spouse have spent years fighting, they likely know something is wrong. The worst thing you could do is not communicate to them what is happening. Children are very perceptive, but not telling them your plan can seriously affect their mental health. Make sure to tell them an appropriate reason for why you are splitting up. Reassure them it has nothing to do with them and the divorce is in no way, their fault.

Consider answering the following questions for your children:

  • Will they be able to live in the same house?
  • After the divorce, will they attend the same school?
  • Will one parent be moving far away?

By answering these questions, you prepare your children for anything that is to come. If they know they will not be living in the same room or the same house, they can prepare themselves for when the time arrives.

2. Consider Shared Finances

A good number of married couples choose to have shared finances. During your marriage, you may have co-signed loans, credit cards and a shared mortgage. While the task of pulling apart your finances may seem stressful, it is a necessary process of divorce. Get a jumpstart on the process by organizing your marital debt and individual debt. If you do not have a bank account open in solely your name, consider opening one. Order a copy of your credit score and review all joint accounts or cosigned loans the report reveals. Remember, any lines of credit you and your spouse have together have the ability to affect both your credit scores. Late or missed payments to your creditors could rapidly decrease your score, making it harder for you to qualify for auto loans, apartments and other lines of credit.

3. Devise a Plan

To reduce the chances of arguments later on, work out how you and your spouse plan to split custody rights, visitation and childcare requirements. If your families enjoy getting together for the holidays, hammer out a holiday schedule that works best for you, your spouse and your children. You may also consider discussing how you plan to split your assets. While discussing how you plan to split custody and assets can be helpful, we understand that couples involved in acrimonious divorce may be unable to take advantage of this option. Speak to our qualified Johns Creek divorce lawyer to help develop your divorce plan.


At The Millard Law Firm, we pride ourselves on our consistent ability to provide efficient, effective legal solutions to each client we serve. Whether your concern is maintaining the rights to a specific asset or obtaining full physical custody of your children, the legal team at The Millard Law Firm can strive to provide you with the strategy you need.

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