If you are going through a divorce you likely are under a huge amount of stress. Divorce takes a toll on not only a couple but also an entire family – especially if kids are involved. When looking for an Johns Creek divorce lawyer there are several key traits that you should ensure are present in your attorney.

As you begin the arduous process of looking for an Johns Creek divorce attorney you may want to think of who you know that has gone through a divorce. These friends or family members can be a great support system during a divorce, but also can provide recommendations of divorce lawyers in Johns Creek that are experienced and treated them fairly. Having referrals allows you to contact divorce lawyers that you know have a strong reputation in the Johns Creek area.

Just as is the case in a marriage, compatibility with your Johns Creek divorce lawyer is important. Make sure to have a sit down meeting with a few divorce lawyers in Johns Creek before hiring an attorney. If you do not feel comfortable with an attorney during an initial consultation, chances are that you will not be comfortable with them representing you in your divorce proceedings. It is better to cut ties early than to be disappointed with the outcome of your divorce due to hiring an attorney that may not be compatible with your personality or unique needs.

As is the case with almost any profession, experience is extremely valuable when it comes to your divorce attorney. You want to hire a firm that has a variety of experience with all different types of divorce cases to ensure that your needs will be met. Divorces are not the types of cases that you should hire a brand new attorney out of law school and expect to get what you want.

While it should not necessarily be at the top of your list, cost is always going to be a factor when choosing an Johns Creek divorce attorney. As is the case in many industries, looking for the cheapest divorce attorney may not be in your best interest. Typically attorneys are paid based on their level of skills and experience and therefore a high profile Johns Creek divorce lawyer may be expensive. It is important to think through how complicated your case will be when you are deciding on which divorce attorney to hire.

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