Top 5 Traits to Look For in a Family Lawyer

MLF Team

Top 5 Traits to Look For in a Family Lawyer

Choosing the right family law attorney is the last thing you want to think about when going through stressful family changes; however, it is the most imperative decision that will significantly determine the smoothness and outcome of your case.

A quick web search of ‘the best family lawyer’ will bring up savvy SEO and high dollar results, but are you actually getting the best family law professional? Here are the 5 traits to look for in a family lawyer, so that you can make the best-informed decision.

1. The Lawyer's Integrity

The integrity of your lawyer should start at your first consultation. He or she should be honest about the good, the bad, and the ugly of your case. A lawyer with integrity will be able to give you an honest diagnosis, manage expectations, and strategize the best outcome. An Attorney that only tells you what you want to hear to retain your business ultimately hurts you and you want an attorney that knows how and when to fight for you.

2. The Lawyer's Empathy

As soon as you take the person out of the case, you lose the compassionate support and undivided attention you deserve. A lawyer’s empathy is important, as it ensures that your case isn’t another number or transaction. Family law impacts your personal life and should be handled personally.

3. A Lawyer's Communication Skills

A lawyer’s empathy can be seen in their communication skills. When an attorney knows what you’re feeling and going through, he or she is prompt to update, patient when explaining, and accessible for questions.

4. A Lawyer With a Good Reputation

Doing your own research on a family law attorney is important in determining a good one. Does the firm or attorney have reviews? Do you know anyone who has worked with them in the past?

5. A Lawyer's Experience

Every lawyer graduates with a legal education; however, an attorney’s legal experience, life experience, and continued education makes a difference in how an attorney commands a courtroom and persuades a jury to return a favorable verdict.

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