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Child Support Lawyer Big Creek, GA

A Child Support Lawyer in Big Creek, GA, Can Help You Navigate the Difficult Times

If you’re going through divorce proceedings in Big Creek, GA, where children are involved, a child support order will be a part of the proceedings. It’s hard enough having to deal with the fact that your marriage is ending, alongside any potential asset allocation challenges.

Adding the family separation element of things and what your child(ren) must be going through compounds the difficulty of it all. That’s why you need the best possible legal representation to help you navigate these rough waters.

The Millard Law Firm boasts a team with over four decades of experience and has demonstrated success in helping our clients through a passionate approach. Schedule a consultation with us today to discuss your child support case.

The Challenge of Child Support and Custody Matters

Of all the negotiations that form a part of a divorce, the child support and custody element tends to present one of the most significant emotional challenges, which, of course, is one of the many things you must deal with.

US census numbers indicate that the total child support agreed to during divorce is received by less than 45% of custodial parents. Of course, The Millard Law Firm is dedicated to ensuring that the ruling is fair and that the full extent of financial support is received.

Regardless of the tough time the parents are going through, the most important thing here is a sense of normalcy and care for children. Our job is to ensure that we adequately handle the legal side of things and provide support where necessary to help you navigate the mental layers.

How Can a Child Support Lawyer Help Me?

Our job is to ensure that our clients in Big Creek are thoroughly advised of their options and that a suitable amount of child support is received to care for the children involved.

Sometimes, it’s about something other than receiving or calculating child support. You may require changes based on circumstance differences or even a custody modification.

An experienced, passionate, and competent team of attorneys is here to help you get the best possible outcome.

Is Calculating Child Support Difficult in Georgia?

Georgia courts take several things into account where child support calculations are concerned. These include the parent that will have primary custody, the child’s financial needs, how much each parent earns, and the current education level/employment circumstances of each parent.

There are also the matters of special needs that the child may have, assets that form a part of the separation process, etc. There’s a spreadsheet that judges will use to come to a consensus on the amount of support the child will need.

It’s in your best interest to be represented by a child support lawyer familiar with these calculations.

Modifying Child Support Agreements Amid Significant Changes

Georgia law allows for child support modifications once every two years or if there’s a significant circumstance change. The need for this kind of proceeding can come from job loss, considerable income increases, etc.

Speak to your attorney to determine the requirements for such a proceeding and if you need an expedited hearing.

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Worrying about child support allocations is tough to handle alongside existing divorce matters. Lean on the support and expertise of The Millard Law Firm, as we are committed to providing the best results for our valued Big Creek clients.

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Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

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Child Support Lawyer Roswell, GA

Are you currently facing the challenges of divorce in Roswell, GA? Child support matters can be a significant concern during divorce proceedings, whether you are the parent responsible for making payments or the one expecting to receive them. Child support is a critical aspect of ensuring your child’s well-being, and understanding your rights and obligations is paramount.

In such circumstances, it’s essential to consult with a knowledgeable child support lawyer in Roswell, GA, who can guide you through the legal complexities of child support proceedings. The Millard Law Firm is your trusted partner, committed to ensuring that you are treated fairly and that your child’s best interests are upheld throughout the process.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your initial consultation. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your specific situation, whether you need assistance with child support matters, modifications, or other related concerns. 

Understanding Child Support Calculations

In Roswell, GA, the determination of child support payments involves a careful evaluation of various factors, including:

Roswell, GA, judges rely on a standardized worksheet to assist in calculating child support amounts. Given the complexity of these calculations, having a skilled and experienced child support lawyer by your side is crucial. Our team at The Millard Law Firm will advocate for your rights and navigate the intricacies of the court system on your behalf.

Child Support Modifications and Visitation Rights

Circumstances change over time, and the amount of child support may need to be adjusted to accommodate those changes. If you find that you are paying too much or struggling to support your child on the current amount, we can assist you in seeking a modification.

Key points regarding modifications in Roswell, GA:

The Role of an Attorney in Child Support Matters

Child support cases in Roswell, GA, are often intricate and influenced by numerous variables. Engaging the services of a child support lawyer in Roswell, GA, is essential to understanding state laws and the factors that courts consider when making determinations.

Typically, the non-custodial parent is responsible for child support payments in Georgia. Gross income is the primary factor in calculating these payments, with potential adjustments based on specific circumstances.

Duration of Child Support Orders

Child support orders in Roswell, GA, generally remain in effect until the child reaches adulthood or gets married. While modifications are not typically made, options are available, as discussed earlier.

Exploring Alternatives to Court

Although divorce and child support cases often involve court proceedings, couples can explore alternatives such as separation, post-nuptial, and pre-nuptial agreements to settle child support matters without legal representation.

Why Choose The Millard Law Firm in Roswell, GA

Navigating child support issues can be confusing and overwhelming. Hiring a qualified child support lawyer in Roswell, GA, is a wise choice to ensure fairness for both parties involved. Contact us today at (678) 319-9500 or complete our online contact form to request a consultation and get the guidance you need to protect your child’s future. The Millard Law Firm is here to support you through this challenging time.

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Marcy A. Millard

Marcy A. Millard

Owner & Lead Attorney