Dating After Divorce With Kids––Common Challenges And How To Overcome Them

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If you were recently divorced, you might be considering getting back into the dating pool. However, dating after divorce with kids is quite different from dating when single and unattached. Additionally, your divorce decree may impact your actions and impose requirements on when and how you can introduce new members to your domestic arrangements. If you are concerned about dating after your divorce, consider contacting a knowledgeable Georgia divorce lawyer at The Millard Law Firm by calling (678) 319-9500.


Concerns About Dating After Divorce With Kids


If you have children, you might have various concerns about dating. You might have questions like:


  • How do you date after divorce with kids?
  • When do you introduce your dating partner to your kids?
  • Do you tell your former spouse anything about your dating life?
  • How do you deal with your dating partner’s kids?
  • How can you find dependable childcare so you can go out for dates?
  • Where do you meet suitable partners?
  • When do you tell dating partners about your kids?

Legal Concerns About Dating After Divorce With Kids


Any dating parent is bound to encounter practical concerns related to childcare and the intricacies of domestic arrangements. However, some of your options for dating after divorce with kids may also be limited by the terms of your divorce decree.


Child Custody


Your divorce decree may state that you are not allowed to have an overnight guest when your children are present. If it does not, you may still have concerns about your ex exposing your kids to someone who is not an appropriate role model. You might have concerns about the behavior your former spouse is modeling for your children. The State of Georgia allows courts to consider all relevant factors when determining child custody or reassigning it. This could include moral fitness and stability in the household.




If you reach the point at which your new relationship becomes serious, that could affect your alimony. If you cohabit with your partner, or if your financial situation dramatically improves as a result of your relationship, you may lose all or a portion of your alimony if the paying spouse can show you no longer require the financial assistance provided by alimony.


How Dating After Divorce May Affect Kids


Parental dating habits can have a significant impact on children. Children may have difficulty accepting their parents are divorced and expect them to get back together. They may also feel destabilized because they are shuffled between different homes and may be experiencing other significant changes in their lives. Children may also feel loyal to their biological parents and may immediately have a bias against any potential romantic partner. They may also be very possessive of their time with their parent, since the time spent with each parent nearby may have been significantly reduced as a result of establishing separate households.


A divorced parent who finds themselves in a serious relationship may be confronted with even more complex issues, such as merging a blended family and dealing with stepchildren and siblings. The American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizes that engaging in honest, age-appropriate conversations with children about divorce and dating, continuing to show children care and affection, and modeling healthy, respectful boundaries with one’s former spouse and any new partners can all serve to make ease children’s transition into a divorced family structure, even as their parents pursue new relationships.


Common Challenges for Dating Successfully After Divorce With Kids and How To Overcome Them


There are a few common challenges that anyone dating after divorce with kids is likely to face. Here are some of the challenges you might confront and some strategies for overcoming them:


Limited Time


Newly divorced parents may be excited to get back into the dating pool, especially if they were unhappy in their marriages for an extended period of time. However, young children may not be as excited about this prospect as their parents are, especially if the children feel their time with one or both parents is already limited.


One way to minimize the potential hard feelings is to spend time with any new romantic interest primarily when the children are with their other parent. This can help to reassure children that they still have their parent’s attention during family time.


Concerns About Introducing a New Partner to Your Children


You may be anxious about how to introduce a new partner to your children, or about what to say if they accidentally see your partner when they are dropping you off or picking you up. Generally, you may want to hold off on introducing your children to a new romantic interest until it is clear that the relationship will be a serious one. In some cases, it may be helpful for divorced parents to have a conversation about their mutual dating expectations, especially about when it would be appropriate for either parent to introduce a new partner to the children.


How You Will Look to The Court


Spouses who have already had a heated custody battle with their former partners, or who feel the other spouse regards their dating activity with disapproval, may be concerned about how dating will look to the court. Divorcing spouses with these concerns may be reassured to know that the court will not generally care about a divorcing spouse’s personal dating life. More often, the court will only be interested in how dating activity affects any children of the dissolving marriage.


Generally speaking, the court will want to know if a divorcing parent will put their children’s interests ahead of their own. The court may also examine whether each divorcing parent is serving as a responsible role model to their children. While each case is unique, it is often possible to create a favorable impression with the court by showing that your children are safe and have a consistent and stable routine when they are with you. If you have concerns about how a court will view dating after a divorce with kids, consider reaching out to an experienced family law attorney at The Millard Law Firm.


Your Child Starts Acting Out


Children often start behaving erratically when a new romantic interest enters the picture. Your child may have difficulty expressing their feelings and acting inappropriately may be easier for them than articulating their inner confusion. This can be especially true if their behavior consistently gets them what they want, such as the cancellation of a parent’s date or the cooldown of a new romantic interest.


In some cases, a child may benefit from receiving additional time and attention from the newly dating parent. Support from a mental health professional may provide them with a safe place and improved tools for expressing their feelings. Family counseling can also be helpful in building shared strategies for parent-child communication.


Your Child Expresses They Do Not Want You To Date


Some children may not have any problems communicating their feelings, but what they want and what you want may be different. While you can encourage them to voice their opinions, you may need to establish boundaries to demonstrate it is not their choice whether anyone else dates.


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Dating after divorce with kids is not always easy. If you are concerned about how dating will affect your child or how dating after divorce may impact your legal settlement, consider contacting a compassionate family lawyer at The Millard Law Firm by calling (678) 319-9500.