As Alpharetta divorce attorneys, we at The Millard Law Firm have seen many marital disputes. Some of these disputes could have been avoided, or at the very least resolved, if they were discussed before finalizing the marriage. Asking these three questions will help reduce the risk of divorce later in life.

1. Do you want children?

For many people, getting married and having a family is the ultimate goal. Becoming a parent could be another person’s worst fears. Before you plan on saying, “I do,” make sure you both have discussed whether or not you want to have children. Perhaps you have children from your previous marriage, and don’t want any more, or maybe children were never in your life plan. Whatever the case may be, make sure you both discuss it. You wouldn’t want your spouse to be resentful toward you because they had always wanted children and you didn’t. This type of thing can only drive a wedge into the relationship and can ultimately lead to divorce.

2. Are you religious and how important is your religion?

Whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Pagan or atheist, you likely have strong opinions regarding faith. Set aside time to discuss what your faith or lack of faith means to you. If you plan to continue your relationship, discuss boundaries and expectations to which you both expect each other to adhere. It can be frustrating for someone to have their faith belittled or put down by someone but it can be equally as frustrating for someone with no faith to be constantly pressured to convert.

3. How do you manage your finances?

Do you both plan to keep your finances separate? Would you rather save now and have fun later on in life? These are all questions you should discuss with your spouse before tying the knot. We have heard of spouses keeping secret accounts and hiding credit card bills, which can damage the trust in your marriage. While we certainly do not expect you to require that all accounts will be joint accounts, discussing how you plan to save for retirement and who is responsible for paying what monthly bills is important.

How We Can Help

Another option to ensure your assets are properly managed before marriage is to create a prenuptial agreement. Although this topic is not particularly romantic, it provides a backup plan and saves time and money should the marriage fall apart. Contact an Alpharetta divorce attorney today for more information about prenuptial agreements. (678) 319-9500