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Adoption In Georgia

The legal process of adoption is regulated by the state, federal, and international law. During the adoption process, a person assumes the parenting of another child from that person’s legal or biological parents. Adoption can be a complex process. Hiring a skilled family law attorney is highly recommended to ensure smooth adoption.

Now let’s discuss some common forms of adoption. 

Private Adoption

Private or independent adoption occurs when a mother puts her child up for adoption, and the adoptive parent agrees to adopt the child. This form of adoption does not involve an agency. 

In Georgia, this form of adoption is legal (in some states, it’s not), and it permits the biological parent and the prospective adoptive parents to work together and make an adoption plan without the involvement of an agency. 

With this form of adoption, it’s essential that you involve a lawyer since payment is often still required.

Adoption of a Stepchild

Adopting a stepchild is possible if you have the consent of both the spouse and the other parent (the non-custodial parent). When the non-custodial parent gives his or her consent for adoption, they give up all rights and responsibilities to the child. 

There are a few exceptions when the consent from both biological parents is not obliged for adoption. For example, if the non-custodial parent has abandoned the child, you can legally proceed with the adoption without the consent of both parents.

Open Adoption

An open adoption is a form of adoption in which the biological parents and adoptive parents have some open communication. The amount of communication and visitation allowed will vary. The adoption plan will state how much communication is legally permitted between the biological parents and the adopting family. Having a good adoption lawyer can help both parties set clear expectations and formulate them in an adoption plan.

Closed Adoption

In a closed adoption, no or very little interaction between prospective adoptive families and the birth mother/father is permitted. No information will be provided to either one of the parties until the child turns eighteen years of age. 

Semi-Open Adoption

Semi-open adoption is also known as a ‘mediated’ form of adoption. The frequency of communication between prospective adoptive parents and birth parents of the child is coordinated through an adoption agency or adoption attorney. The privacy of both parties can be preserved in a semi-open adoption. In some cases, a semi-open adoption status can transition into an open adoption if everyone is comfortable with more communication.

Hiring an adoption attorney will help the process go smoother and often quicker. The Millard Law Firm has helped families navigate through the entire adoption process. We can help you avoid any unnecessary setbacks in your adoption case.  

The Millard law firm has many years of experience dealing with all types of adoption cases. 

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