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If you’re concerned about the state of your marriage, it is always better to time to take proactive legal action and speak with a Gwinnett County family lawyer as soon as possible. Even if you have no immediate plans to start proceedings, being aware of what your options might be and what factors to consider when deciding on your course of action is always a wise move. Many people find that once they’ve got the correct legal advice at their fingertips, it’s much easier to work out how best to proceed in order to get the outcome that they want.

Why choose The Millard Law Firm for your case?

  • Years of experience and knowledge of Georgia family laws and family courts

  • Client-centered approach

  • Effective solutions that make sense for your unique situation

  • Hands-on and personalized guidance through each step

We do not charge for initial consultations, so contact us to learn more about what we can do to help you. Speaking to an experienced family law attorney can help you gain greater clarity to your situation and help you make better choices.

Contact The Millard Law Firm at (678) 319-9500 to make an appointment to speak with a Gwinnett County divorce attorney.

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Supportive & Trusted Family Lawyers

Whether you are having serious marital problems and are considering divorce or you are already part way through proceedings, we are here to help. We understand that discovering your current lawyer isn’t helping as much as you had hoped can be stressful. Our legal team has years of experience in the field of divorce and family law and we are committed to providing top-quality representation.

We can provide you with guidance on many family law matters, including:

  • How to navigate child support and child custody matters.

  • Representing you in contempt actions or modifications.

  • Protecting your interests in negotiation or litigation, if necessary

  • Taking steps to establish paternity or for legitimation.

  • Finding fair ways to divide marital assets and debts

  • Crafting effective prenuptial/postnuptial agreements

Our caring Gwinnett County divorce attorneys aim to provide a winning combination of expert legal advice and caring customer service. We work to ensure that every client feels valued and listened to when they use our team for legal counsel.

Experienced Divorce & Family Lawyers

At The Millard Law Firm, we strive to keep our clients involved in the handling of their case by communicating with them often, and by breaking down complicated legal language into an easier to understand format. Our Gwinnett County divorce lawyers have assisted clients all throughout Georgia. For skilled assistance with divorce and family matters, and a range of other legal matters call us today!

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