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Essential Support for Your Family & Divorce Case

Going through a divorce can be tough, which is why hiring a law firm to represent you is essential to the success of your case. At The Millard Law Firm, we take the time to explain your options thoroughly and are always happy to answer your queries and concerns.

Clients trust The Millard Law Firm because of our:

  • Extensive experience resolving family law matters in Georgia
  • Personal approach and hands-on guidance
  • Customized solutions uniquely tailored to your needs
  • Accessible and attentive legal services

Our aim is to make the court process as straight-forward and rapid as possible, even when complex cases are being considered. The Forsyth County divorce lawyers from our firm don’t just have a good grasp of the law, we also have a thorough understanding of how to help clients through a traumatic process as easily as possible.

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Offering Ongoing Support & Guidance

Whether you are dealing with a tough divorce or an ongoing family issue, our legal team can help you work towards the outcome you want. With years of experience in family matters and divorce, we can offer sound legal advice and strong representation in and out of court.

Guidance from a friendly yet objective professional can have a significant positive influence on your family issues. If your circumstances are such that we could be of use, why not get in touch and see what we can do?

We can offer you legal advice on a variety of family law matters, such as:

  • How to establish paternity

  • How to modify custody/visitation orders

  • How to resolve divorce disputes

  • How to determine spousal support/alimony

  • What to do in case of contempt

  • How to adopt a child

  • What to do if a parent is not following custody plans

  • How to create prenuptial agreement

Family Law Attorneys in Forsyth County

Would you like to receive expert legal advice from a friendly, professional Forsyth County divorce attorney who is committed to getting the very best outcome possible? Our legal team at The Millard Law Firm is here to help provide you with quality representation and guidance. We are happy to take on existing cases, as well as be the initial point of contact for clients that aren’t sure what they should do about a particular situation.

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