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Achieving an amicable, mutually satisfactory outcome from divorce proceedings may seem impossible, especially if you are having trouble communicating with your spouse. But with the right legal support on your side, divorce does not have to be hard. The reality is that working towards a win-win resolution on each matter in your divorce is almost always the best way to achieve a cost-effective and rapid divorce settlement. At the Millard Law Firm, we offer reliable support and representation in all divorce and family law matters.

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We can offer trusted guidance to help you sort out a wide range of issues in your divorce or family law case, such as:

  • Division of marital property and debt

  • Child support and spousal support payments

  • Paternity actions

  • Prenuptial agreements

  • Child custody arrangements and parenting plans

  • Modification of custody and support orders

  • Contempt actions and enforcement.

  • Adoptions

Our skilled Cherokee County divorce attorneys work hard to obtain a suitable settlement, even when tensions between the two parties are running high. If you want to avoid costly and lengthy court battles, a mediated way forward is often the best option. We can serve as your voice of reason and provide you with strong advice and counsel throughout your case. Through negotiations, mediation, and litigation, we are here to protect you.

Family Law Attorneys Assisting with Child Residency Issues

The area of divorce which causes the most heartache relates to child custody arrangements. Each parent may feel that they should have a larger amount of access or even contest the residency proposal. In these circumstances, we always do our best to represent our client favorably, while recognizing that the needs of the child must be kept as the top priority.

In addition to taking on fresh custody cases, we are also adept at bringing ongoing custody disputes to a successful resolution. No matter what the circumstances might be, our fusion of intelligent legal advice and excellent client care provides an unbeatable service.

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